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jmke 14th May 2008 14:09

Pre-selection MSI: The TOP 10!
After days of restless nights and hours of conference calls with our fellow jury members we have come to an unanimous decision on who has made the Pre-Selection; who will get MSI goodies and who will go home with one fabulous MSI Laptop.

These people will get an MSI motherboard/VGA for round 2
- OneyeDK
- Jip
- Blind & Massman

These people will get MSI goodies send to them for participating
- PowerToTheUsers
- Stida
- Piotke
- A-Star
- Hcpowa
- Devroush
- Themacpie

We let an innocent person blurt out a random number which we matched to a random list of participants, to know who will get the MSI Laptop....





A red Hammer?



PowerToTheUsers ;-D

Congratulations all. We'll announce the start of the 2nd Round soon when the winners of the pre-selection have received their MSI hardware!

OneyedK 14th May 2008 14:53

Greet news! Thanks!!!

GL to Jip and Blind&Massman

Jip 14th May 2008 14:59

Good luck guys...

I wait the MB & VGA ^^

Stida 14th May 2008 15:29

Congratz to everyone!!

blind_ripper 14th May 2008 15:31

GL to u bothe ;)

geoffrey 14th May 2008 16:01

Next round will be quite interesting, can't wait to see you guys in action!

Jip 14th May 2008 17:18

more info on the shipping ??

jmke 14th May 2008 17:20

I will send info of the all the winners to MSI tomorrow so you get the new goodies; will also see if we extend the deadline beyond end of May, as this is approaching quickly! :D

Can Blind, OneyeDk and Jip post their S775 CPU and memory kit that they will be using?:)
mobo & VGA will be provided by MSI

@PowerToTheUsers: don't go stealing all my HWBoints with that GX600 Laptop ;)

Jip 14th May 2008 17:22

ok thanks a lot ^^

Yup the end of may come quickly :/

PowerToTheUsers 14th May 2008 17:23

:woot: A new laptop!

And for everyone who participated: keep benching, now you know it's fun!

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