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Massman 9th May 2008 21:50

What mainboard/bios?

PowerToTheUsers 9th May 2008 22:33


Originally Posted by Massman (Post 169443)
What mainboard/bios?

GA-X38-DQ6, Bios F9a.

PowerToTheUsers 9th May 2008 22:47

My final submission for this contest:

3DMark 03: 47296 Marks (8800GTX)
Videocard: 8800GTX @ 629MHz Core, 1000MHz RAM
CPU: Intel QX9650 @ 4.4GHz (1.55Vcore)

SuperPi 1M: 10.297s
CPU: Intel Core2Quad Extreme QX9650 @ 4.506GHz


Perhaps not good enough for the first place as best (Belgian) overclocker, but at least I had a lot of fun, and maybe it gets me a new laptop :woot:

Massman 9th May 2008 22:52


Originally Posted by PowerToTheUsers (Post 169446)
GA-X38-DQ6, Bios F9a.

Use bios F2 and you'll be hitting 10s flat pretty fast :)

PowerToTheUsers 9th May 2008 23:06


Originally Posted by Massman (Post 169448)
Use bios F2 and you'll be hitting 10s flat pretty fast :)

F9a 2008/04/03
1. beta bios
2. update CPU ID

F8 2008/02/27
1. Enhance memory performance

F7 2008/01/02
1. ADD new version super I/O code.
2. Enhance system performance and overclock capability
3. Update CPU ID (Support Intel Yorkfield CPU)
4. Improve CPU compatibility

F6 2007/11/06
1. Add more voltage control items

F4 2007/09/19
1. Add more voltage control items

F3 2007/09/17
1. First Release

Errrr F2? :prod:

Massman 10th May 2008 09:26

Oops, F3 is the correct bios :)

jmke 10th May 2008 10:29

nah, MM has access to pre-release BIOS, just doesn't want to share:p

PowerToTheUsers 24th May 2008 10:59

Rip Qx9650 :(

It doesn\'t boot anymore on my X38-board and on my Striker II Formula, other CPUs are no problem. I guess the 1.7V was too much...

geoffrey 24th May 2008 11:06

Back to Intel, maybe you get better batch :p

PowerToTheUsers 24th May 2008 11:18

It\'s an ES I got off eBay, I don\'t think there\'s warranty on it...

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