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Kurgan 17th June 2009 20:28

Powder coating
Anyone here know of a place I can contact about doing a powder coatfor my pc?

France/Belgium/Germany? English speaking if possible.



Kurgan 22nd June 2009 17:57


jmke 2nd July 2009 00:25

I would check some car forums; most likely some tuning shops have the equipment to do it:)

Kurgan 4th July 2009 15:43


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 240481)
I would check some car forums; most likely some tuning shops have the equipment to do it:)

Thanks for the info, though I havent found any Belgian forums that are native english such as this one...but I have found a company that does powder coat and have sent them an email to see if getting my PC done is an option.

Will keep ya posted :)

jmke 4th July 2009 19:05

definitely interesting :)
for car repainting purposes though, cases should be invisible;)

TribalMind 12th August 2009 21:34

Keep in mind that powder coating is a lot thicker as spraypaint
all the holes you want to keep entirely open, you have to plu em with a non conductive plug (i e cork)
I know , cause i did my motorcycle
Its beatifull and tough...but prepare well!!!

Kurgan 31st January 2010 16:52


I've found a Powdercoating company in Ghent!

Also a modding company in Germany:



Kurgan 8th February 2010 16:34


The Company in Ghent doesnt do powdercoating themselves, they sell the powder I guess to other businesses.

Although the lady I was in contact with there was very helpful and gave me the contact info for two companies near Brussels that I am now trying to contact.

Will keep you posted :)


jmke 8th February 2010 17:59

you're slowly getting there:)

Kurgan 8th February 2010 20:28

Slowly but surely :)

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