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jASjE 26th May 2002 15:36

Post modding-madness chill
Anyone knows the feeling? First 6 months after you buy your new case... You mod like crazy, everything is modded, from the NIC status bl00-leds to the HD tray that you moved to another place, from the painted cd-rom cover to the magneto-power-switch, from the plexi window to the blowhole...

.. and then, an unbearable emptyness.. nothing to mod anymore, the case is finished, it sits there, it stands there, it hangs there, but the evolution is over.. It has become a cliché piece of furniture, no more "wow-eyes" everytime you look at your beauty, no more show-offs when you got a visitor.. just you and your case..

What do you guys do? Start all over with a new project? Keep the completely modded case as a spare case for your server or second machine? Or do you use the parts of the case for another project?

fireball 26th May 2002 15:49

I should use the parts of the case for another project.

ModdiN MansoN 26th May 2002 16:26

my case is never finished, everything can be done better and better looking

GORGH 27th May 2002 14:13

gewoon een nieuwe mod maken.

PlayboY 27th May 2002 18:02

Gorgh in english pls ;)

Well, my case is also never done.
There're always things to do, or to improve.
And I've got always ideas in my head, for the future. (now it's liquid cooling)

Da`Hitch 3rd June 2002 08:00

well, right now, my case is FAR from finished, but when it would ever be completed, I don't think i'd ever be able to just tear it apart. a spare case/Servercase it is :)

Rule 3rd June 2002 12:28

Back to default case now.
Earned 7000 Befkes with it :^D

Stryker 5th June 2002 08:32

i always try to find a way to add new and creative ideas to the already modded case, even though that isn't always easy

cR00zIFI><3r 5th June 2002 14:36

I would sell it if someone would give enough money, and otherwise, I'd use the hardware in the case to make a new mod

sektorX 16th June 2002 15:21

Just start a new project and keep that case for a server of something else to show off at lan-parties :-)

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