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anes 31st May 2003 16:26

possible to run older cpu's on 200fsb?
most people reach easily 200fsb with a tbred B on an nforce2 board like abit nf-s rev2.0

but is it possible to run older cpu's, like the vanilla xp, or even a tbird (both unlocked) on a 200 fsb with for example a low multiplier (7 or 8) ?

anyone tested it? or is this nonsense?


TeuS 31st May 2003 16:53

vannila XP: it'll reach high FSB
tbird: dunno, but I do know some Duron's weren't able to reach a high FSB

piotke 31st May 2003 17:38

vanilla XP, 200 fsb easely, not tried higher...

jmke 1st June 2003 00:31

Tbird no prob
some duron's had problems

vegeta 1st June 2003 09:47

hmm what a vanilla xp :(

colin 1st June 2003 11:37

Athlon 1100 (100 FSB) had no problems @ 210 MHz FSB

jmke 1st June 2003 12:02


Originally posted by vegeta
hmm what a vanilla xp :(
Athlon XP Palomino :)

StaRflaM 23rd June 2003 16:02

i didn't reach 160fsb @ 11.5multi with a palomino

but how dod you get 200fsb? lower multi ?

jmke 23rd June 2003 17:00


StaRflaM 23rd June 2003 19:41

and the higher the FSB the faster he run's?

i'm not an oc freak, but you probably seen that :D

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