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Gamer 25th September 2007 16:33

Piotke is on the move.

Noticed I lost some points, guess to who ? :)

About to reach 100 points, keep up the good work.

Massman 25th September 2007 17:59

w00t, good work, piotr :D

jmke 25th September 2007 18:54


Gamer 25th September 2007 19:28

Yeah, but I'm taking those points back :p
new 3D03 and 06 score inbound.

Massman 25th September 2007 19:45

Damnit, ik moet echt terug aan het benchen gaan :)

piotke 26th September 2007 00:19


Just wait when I start benching the 7300 GT. Unfortunately the second phase changen Modded mach GT2 is suffering a performance problem, doing abou 20 C worse then a regular Vapo LS

Gaer, sell me the 1900XTX setup afterwards, I have 200 Mhz cpu speed more then you ;)

Gamer 28th September 2007 13:23

in your dreams.
Look at HWbot tonight :p

Massman 28th September 2007 13:57

Why tonight?


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