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Dentnvr6 29th May 2004 16:05

pics of test setup
only about 30% complete, all hoses have to be rearranged with better/more beautiful couplings, pump has to be put somewhere else, a second radiator (airplex 1800), ccfl's (8) should still be placed, a tft-touchscreen, all cables have to be removed from sight, a second psu, plexi underplate with logo lasered out,...
but, here are the temporary pics.

Bosw8er 29th May 2004 16:08

Great stuff !! :ws:

Would have painted the case orange though ... and named it "Project Nemo" :D ;)

Dentnvr6 29th May 2004 16:11

cool idea, but it still has to be painted (and some parts chromed)
I'll keep your nemo in mind (ps: cool film, already watched it in english, dutch and flemish)

RichBa5tard 29th May 2004 16:29

Your chair almost looks as 3l33t as your case. :D

Great job you've done there! Makes me wanna spend my first paycheck on H2O cooling again. :)

TeuS 29th May 2004 16:30

great modding :o

Dentnvr6 29th May 2004 16:33

thx, chair was easy and not very expensive, about 200 euro for the cup and about 25 euro for some cheap -*** chair. Actually this is a cheaper solution than a good deskchair and this sits heavenly!!!!!
greetz, Randy

kristos 29th May 2004 17:06

lol, I L O V E the chair :o
seriously, cool idea (makes me wanna copie it :D)

looking forward to see the case when it's finished.

StaRflaM 29th May 2004 18:50

Q: how do you fill the the 2 reservoirs ?

looks nice but i don't like the fan's butnaked on top, put some metal fans on it ;)

and what's the temp/speed of the machine ? :D

Dentnvr6 30th May 2004 04:52

to fill the reservoirs, i just flip my pc on the backside so the opening of the reservoirs is the highest point in the system. Pretty easy.
oh by popylar request some more pics of my chair.
just running 200*11 @ 1.65 idle:35 load:41 and that's with a high room temperature (don't know how much exactly) but these will drop when I put in the other radiator
oh and does anyone know where to find a cool shroud for on top the three fans?? Don't really feel like making on myself.

Dentnvr6 30th May 2004 11:58

Don't mind the mess, and the board between the cup and the feet of the chair is now nicely painted black.

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