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jmke 14th January 2006 22:56

Photo by who and why? :)

187(V)URD@ 15th January 2006 02:40

uuh cool heatsink? :D

jort 15th January 2006 10:31

yeah and very silent too:)

Gamer 15th January 2006 11:47


geoffrey 16th January 2006 01:19

Pentium on nice, :) nice concept picture for making tutorials

Liquid3D 18th January 2006 00:14

It was for a watercooling review, I hope the CPU still works...

Here's the one I went with

jmke 18th January 2006 00:19

the other one is "cooler" keith :) much! with the blueish light

Liquid3D 19th January 2006 03:55

I plan on using the next one for another review. Don't want to take too many chances getting that 630 wett she overclocks beyond 4.0GHz without any Vcore increase. I can only imagine where I can get it to go with proper cooling and the right motherboard.

I may use it for the CryoCooler if it's sent, or for the G-4 Storm whn it gets here.

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