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jmke 31st May 2003 13:04

Phase Change this! Mach I
I got myself a Prommy, nice bargain :)

Yesterday I started it up & lookie lookie some nice ice!

Today I have an Epox 8RDA (ctgilles) and a TbredB XP1700+ to play with.

I started of rolling the motherboard in a nice little package!

seems pretty decent :)

Now the evaphead installed

all ready to go ->

After bootup I went straight into the BIOS

CPU temp of 18C that dropped after 10min tot 11C
hmmm.. the Prometeia read -46C

bad contact ->

No problem, following the guidelines on the prometeia website I put some extra spacers on each screw.. put it all back together

CPU temp of 9C
hmmm still some spacers left.. I start screwing them tight again..

I'm just too damn powerfull :^D

luckily I have 1 spare screw (thankx to calantak)
might try it again later.. this night :)

TeuS 31st May 2003 13:31

you made a major mistake there
after you've mounted the evap for the first times, remove it to see whether it makes good contact. same stuff when mounting a new heatsink, you'd never know something goes wrong

(cf.: SLK800+coppershim doesn't make contact with die.
beki mounted his alpha for the first time. he didn't check it, and due to some rubber feet on the hs it didn't make contact either and the proc died)

btw: nice to see you going subzero :D

jmke 31st May 2003 13:47

well it's game over now, cause the screw is stuck


Let it settle for a while, then unscrew and unmount the coolinghead again.
If the imprint of the core looks like on the picture here, the pressure is insufficient, and needs to be increased.

This is done by adding more spacers to the mounting screws, just below the screw head. Currently 5 spacer rings are placed as standard, but up to 4 or 5 extra spacers may prove to be optimal on your particular Prometeia Cooling system.
have to dissamble the whole lot, lateron

jmke 31st May 2003 14:25

cant wait that long

reinstalled, again 18C
maybe it is the position of the head & the evap..

jmke 31st May 2003 14:44

cpu is @ 9C in the bios after a couple of min. with vcore @ 2v



can't get higher
how do I unlock the higher Multipliers?

is this the correct way to do so?


Cut the 3rd and 5th bridge of L3 to unlock all the multys.

If i'm not mistaken you can cut them while *shortcircuiting* them. 5V + needles will do the trick.
call me stupid, but I find this page very confusing

Bosw8er 31st May 2003 14:57


Originally posted by jmke
cant wait that long

that's the spirit ! :D
Besides, it's way tooooo crowded if you wanted to go out :D

Unlucking all multi's is done as quoted. I saw that info on several websites, in different threads ... haven't done it yet, should be mucho simple.

jmke 31st May 2003 15:00

going to install the whole thing into my Chieftec, because I'm convinced the position of the head isn't optimal at all

I still have +0C temps @ idle, with enough contact

TeuS 31st May 2003 15:22

to unlock higher multi's you'll have to wiretrick it (only multi's 13 and higher available!)

jmke 31st May 2003 15:42

When I'm able to obtain -0C temps then using 13x will be no problemo

TeuS 31st May 2003 15:49

Changing an 8X Bit Value LO to a HI, to access 13X and higher from default Multipliers = 12.5X and lower.
Tbred's rightmost 5th L3 bridge will be Closed. Palomino's L10 bridge pair will be Closed/Open L to R.
General solution is to reset that signal circuit HI. Options:-
1:- Tbred, open the closed 5th L3 bridge.
2:- Palomino, change L10 bridge pair from Left/Right Closed/Open to Open/Closed.
3:- Tbred and Palomino, solder wire to socket AJ27, connect to Vcore thru 100 ohm resistor, (remotely switch/toggle).
4:- Tbred and Palomino, connect AJ27 socket hole and nearby AH26 Vcc/Vcore socket hole with fine wire u-loop, replace CPU. Or connect the "bases" of socket pins AJ27 and AH26 with conductive ink.
Note risk of accidental Vcore short circuit since no current limiting resistor as in 3:- above. See socket/pins pics for all locations above.

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