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GoldenEye 4th September 2007 21:27

Phase Change Cooling ,which is the best

I'm a H2O overclocker and want to go to phase.
Some thing like Asetek Vapochill or nventiv mach?
But which is the best + where to buy (online shop)

Thx, ;)

geoffrey 4th September 2007 21:53

Prometeia Mach II is the best product out their, custum units are even better but harder to get and less safe to buy.

I know one place which used to sell those, it's dutch though, dunno what your exact location is. Link:

Massman 4th September 2007 22:11

Belgium, so the netherlands is not really a problem

easypanic 5th September 2007 06:50

Gamer 5th September 2007 13:04

Mach II GT is the better one.

GoldenEye 5th September 2007 14:59

I think i'll take

Prometeia Mach 2 GT 775
Lian Li add-on Black
Lian Li PC-61 Case

I don't like much the standaart look

jmke 5th September 2007 16:08

pretty hefty investment, what's your goal for the phase change cooling?

blind_ripper 5th September 2007 17:11

u will pay almost dubbel that off a custom single unit , and witte a custom unit is as safe or beter safer ;) .
when i say custom build i think off littledevil or piotres ;)

jmke 5th September 2007 17:20

surely less safe to buy indeed, no warranty, no shipping warranty, no replacement parts, etc. Retail product carries higher price tag, but in return you do get more for your money support/warranty wise.

You misunderstood Blind, not "less safe to run", just less safe to buy:)

GoldenEye 5th September 2007 17:27

It's for 24/7 (my pc don'st run all the time :D)
It's for a C2Q Yorksfield
And just for a bench with my P4 550 Prescott (I wanna reach 5GHz if it's possible)

Same make: pfffffff, I don't know how to begin :D
If somebody could help, that would be ok
Kits like Mach and Vapochill are not bigg :)

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