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jort 22nd December 2010 16:38

Phase change building and modding by Jort
Hey guys:hello:

It's been four years now since i quit the phase change and overclocking scene...
Yesterday i made a visit to Timtitanium and chat some about the old days and these days.

The reason i stopped was that i needed to move and didn't have the time or place to continue doing it. But i still miss it somehow the toying and trying new things.

Tim promised he can help me with the place and some stuff ( that i sold in the past) so i could pick up the thread.

My question was is there still intrest enough to do so ? i dont want to get rich but who works for free uh ?

Gimme so input plz :)

piotke 22nd December 2010 16:43

If the price is right ;)

Second hand units can be had for about +/- 200 euro.

jort 22nd December 2010 17:05

idd price is everything :)

what do you mean with second hand ?

grtz :)

piotke 22nd December 2010 17:20

Tweedehands :)

jort 22nd December 2010 17:22

offcourse... but a second handed mach2 gt 200 euro ? seems pretty cheap ...

leeghoofd 22nd December 2010 19:21

I got one for 150 Jort, but it's needs a refill and a new hose...

jort 22nd December 2010 19:27

what kind of prom ?


Gamer 22nd December 2010 19:48

Blind's cascade could use a makeover.

jort 22nd December 2010 20:00

noted :)

Teemto 30th December 2010 19:03

Would be great to see you start again. I got my Prometia MACH I second hand for 250. It's one that has passed through your hands at some point.
Had loads of fun with it to now.

I've seen units go for even less 200 to 100.
I'd definately be in the market for a cascade system.:D

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