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geoffrey 4th November 2008 22:23

Pentium 4 benchmarking
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Just got myself the ASUS P4C800-E mainboard for s478 benchmarking, available CPU's:
P4 1.5GHz/256/400/1.75V
P4 1.4GHz/512/400/1.3V

DRAM of choice: Corsair XMS 3200LL (BH-5)

Test setup:

geoffrey 4th November 2008 22:34

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1ste tests with P4 1400MHz:

2000MHz CPU-Z verified:

Problems I'm running into:

- Multiplier is stuck to 12, while 14 is the default value. 12 is battery saving multiplier.
- DRAM divider malfunctioning, can't set anything else then 3:4 at this moment which makes me run into maximum DRAM frequency pretty fast.
- Board freezes randomly after VGA artifacts

More to come the following days...

jmke 4th November 2008 22:50

time to mount the single stage, mobo should be good for 250+Mhz FSB, reaching up and over 300Mhz if you can handle it

geoffrey 5th November 2008 15:59

wish the memory divider would co-op with me for that :s

Massman 5th November 2008 16:03

Bios flash?

Cranox 6th November 2008 12:34

TCCD ram is maybe an option , slower timings but higher mhz.

geoffrey 6th November 2008 17:25

I'm not 100% sure but I think there is something wrong with the board as I'm getting VGA erros all the time. Tested 2 S3 PCI videocards in every PCI slot as we speak.

Gamer 6th November 2008 19:51

For TCCD ram, you need to flash the bios :

blind_ripper 7th November 2008 10:50

if u need a other board : contact maximus on 9lives ;)
p4c800 he had i think still fully modded from back with dothan :P

geoffrey 7th November 2008 16:39

Got this board via him ;)

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