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jmke 1st May 2004 14:47

Passively Cooled server rig
For the past 9 months my server setup has been running without problem, a P4 2.53ghz with the standard ALU Intel heatsink.

I was monitoring the temps just now I found the temp rising quite quickly to 60-70C, so I crawled over my huge staple of boxes and hardware to check up on the server. The CPU fan was unplugged; I have no clue/memory of unplugging the fan.

it was quite a surprised that I never noticed this before, talk about a passive solution, I have to admit though that the PC is next to an open window, so it has surely benefited from this fresh air which blows in all time.

Idle temps were 30-40C, now that I plugged the CPU fan back in temps never pass 40C :D

Chilly intake @ 10C :)
those temp sensors in these drivebays are f*cked

RichBa5tard 1st May 2004 16:10

Hehe, those ol' P4s shure can take a beating. : )

I forgot to put a heatsink on my via Epia once, it ran fully stable at 85-90C for over a week.

Xploited Titan 1st May 2004 22:02

Yeah, but don't forget, when the going gets tough, the P4 throttles down its speed :D

kristos 1st May 2004 23:06


Originally posted by RichBa5tard
Hehe, those ol' P4s shure can take a beating. : )

I forgot to put a heatsink on my via Epia once, it ran fully stable at 85-90C for over a week.

And what happened after that week? :)

RichBa5tard 1st May 2004 23:12


Originally posted by kristos
And what happened after that week? :)
I attached a modified Zalman HP80-vga cooler to it, keeps it stressed below 60C in a very hot case. :)

Sidney 2nd May 2004 00:45

End of the story; servers are run by Intel.

Tell this to American teenagers, or worst yet some hardware review websites.

jmke 2nd May 2004 01:45

okay, maybe I went overboard by called this rig a "server", it does have the functionality of serving my other PC's with internet, storage and backup of remote PC's user profiles and documents, it backs those documents up, and it runs remote services like Apache/Mysql. So in the SOFTware aspect it is a "server".

The hardware side however is different, it's an Asrock all-in-one P4 mobo with 768Mb DDR ram, one PCI IDE controller and 4x HD's hooked up, nothing fancy.

I could have easliy enabled MBM5 or any other software app to monitor the CPU temp, as well as put more restrictive options in the BIOS to prevent the CPU from overheating. bottom line is: my last server rig was powered by an AMD Tbird900 and that one ran for more then a few years without a single crash, Abit KT7-Raid with 2x40gb in RAID-1.

it's not the CPU which makes the server system but the other components as well; Intel has some major players which provide the end-user with motherboards, network, storage, installation and support. If HP/DELL decide tommorow to solely sell servers with Opteron AMD cpu's lurking inside then users will keep on buying them, and wont have more/less problems than with their Intel servers (correct use of then/than in this sentence??).

I choose to upgrade to a P4 because I had the parts lying around :)

StaRflaM 5th May 2004 14:39

well, i don't think we have to complain about this, because i don't think anybody off us can ever aford a opteron server :D
so we can not decide witch one is the best

atleast not me ;p

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