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OPPAINTER 5th August 2002 05:47

P4T533 V-mem
Hi folks, I'm looking to find a memory voltage mod for a P4T-533 mobo. I'm not sure but this thread at Born2oc under: Overclocking/Voltmoding/asus P4T533 VRIMM mod?

May have the answer in it but I cant read a word of it:D
Could somebody let me know if it has info on the mod in there:D

BTW: Nice looking Front Page Guys.


biCker 5th August 2002 07:15

This should be the link to the mod (can't check it though, my pc won't install language packs) according to the guys at born2oc, also the pics in that thread should show how to perform it?

edit: I checked the pics with an article on and there they talking about the mods for a p4t533-C

Gamer 5th August 2002 08:05

for the P4T 533-C

It looks like it worked for the P4T533 also for that guy on B2OC.

found some more links :

have fun

OPPAINTER 5th August 2002 18:27

Thanks guys:), but all this info and pictures are for the "C" version, The new P4T533 doesn't have the same layout so I can't make heads or tails out of what these guys did.


RichBa5tard 5th August 2002 19:15

P4T533 vrimm & vcore mod:

14.318MHz -> R143

Vrimm : R124(900ohm) -> 1kohm adjustable resistor
Vcore : R2023(56Kohm) -> 50Kohm adjustable resistor

=> allows v-mem of +- 2.9v. Should bring good 32bit RIMM up to 4*175Mhz. CTgilles said you need to remove the original resistor for the vrimm mod.

Tip from Kamu:

Vcore (R3217) is all open when boot and Vrimm (IMPORTANT) R2300 800ohm = 2.70v when boot
Be carefully.
Hopes this helps. :^)

Edit: going to move this to the "Overclocking madness" section. Doesn't belong in the article/how-to section. :)

OPPAINTER 5th August 2002 20:34


You just took away all the fun out of poking and proding my mobo with a multimeter:D
I'll take your instruntions over that experience any day:D

Your the man, thanks my friend.

RichBa5tard 5th August 2002 22:40


While I was typing this reply my vidcard died, you bastard! ;)

Glad to be of help. I don't have experience with this board but these were the instructions CTgilles used to succesfully mod his P4T533 @b2oc. Good luck m8!


OPPAINTER 6th August 2002 05:05


Originally posted by RichBa5tard

While I was typing this reply my vidcard died, you bastard! ;)


I didn't sell it to you did I:D Humm, maybe I did:grr:


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