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jort 19th June 2004 16:32

own made phase-change cooling project
own made phase-change project(in dutch but i will come here too in englisch)
its not finisched yet but the important thing is done
any comments are welcome:ws:

Bosw8er 19th June 2004 22:56

Nice project.

Love to see the results here of the finisched project in englisch !

jmke 19th June 2004 23:28

looks pretty good AND compact, most home-made projects take up a whole room, this one seems to be the size of a Mach I unit :)

jort 20th June 2004 20:50

idd i wanne built it under my case (i think its gone weight a ton)
i have some problems with mouting it on my p4 socket but i hope to fix it tomorrow

piotke 20th June 2004 20:59

Now that Nventic is out of business, when are you going in mass production ? :)

great work, wondering how it's going to behave under load.

jort 20th June 2004 23:02

when i have the material and the money and some buyers,why not

the compressor i use istn't that powerfull
so the temps are not gonne be that low but when i have another comprr i'll put it in

Gamer 20th June 2004 23:25

keep up the good work.

jort 25th June 2004 00:54

so the moment hase come=>cpu socket insulation with silicone
pics will follow

jort 25th June 2004 16:20

my mobo is choco i guess.
i doesn't boot anymore
does anyone know's that silicone busts your mobo?
with me yes
need some advise pleaze???

jmke 25th June 2004 16:31

uhm never heard of silicon destroying a mobo.. clean it out, take a P4 HSF, retry

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