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Kougar 3rd June 2010 19:52

Overclocking & Power Supplies
As there are more than a few extremely good, experienced extreme overclockers here, I have a question. During extreme subzero benchmarking runs, has it ever occurred that someone has blown or heard about the EPS12V connector overloading from too much current draw? Ever?

Second question, some extreme overclockers keep a select few good quality CPUs/GPUs around... but what about PSUs? I am asking if you guys reuse the same power supply when the setup isn't already provided.

The reason I'm asking is the unit that failed was three years old, and I've been overclocking various CPUs with it all of that time. Nothing extreme given I stick to just watercooling, but the PSU brand was supposed to be the best out there so this was a big surprise...

Gamer 3rd June 2010 20:08

Not that I heard of.

Did it have good contact ?

Kougar 3rd June 2010 20:21

Yes, the connector was latched and secured at the time. Was a "gradual overload" event instead of a one-time surge.

Both PSU and motherboard technically still work, but both would need repairs and I don't trust either one without finding the cause first.

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