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leeghoofd 3rd July 2009 01:51

Have fun mate, we will enjoy ourselves with silly phase and
wannabe cascade then :)

blind_ripper 3rd July 2009 10:02

Have fun there PJ ;).

Whats the batch?
Oyeah got the galaxy 9600Gt working: ure mounting a stock cooler = crap.

Massman 3rd July 2009 10:04


Okay, goed om weten :).

skulstation 3rd July 2009 17:23

veel plezier daar,zowel tijdens als na het benche.
geniet maar van het uitzicht als je daar de kans voor hebt

Massman 4th July 2009 18:58

Zonet eerste LHe sessie gehad ... zeer interessante resultaten :naughty:

Gamer 4th July 2009 18:59

He's alive !!!

skulstation 4th July 2009 19:19


Originally Posted by Gamer (Post 240541)
He's alive !!!

ja dacht al dat hij was bevroren door al die LHe die ze terbechikking hebben

blind_ripper 4th July 2009 20:00


Originally Posted by skulstation (Post 240542)
ja dacht al dat hij was bevroren door al die LHe die ze terbechikking hebben

ge zou is zen stem moeten horen tijdens een LHe test :D!!!

seen that 7ghz nice one there, thought the sauna pic is funny: iris seen that ur heart is smaller then the rest :D.

leeghoofd 4th July 2009 20:46

Mayeb he didn't get excited by the male flesh in the sauna like the others did or the georgeous blond girl that took the picture

Gamer 4th July 2009 23:11

I didn't see a girl in that picture, I think there's only males there :p

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