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Massman 2nd July 2009 19:20

Overclocking in Finland ~ AMD-style
Some of you might know already, but for the next four days I'm in Finland benching with a lot of very good overclockers. Since I'm the first one to arrive, we will bench some Intel today first (950 + 4890) and tomorrow/saturday/sunday we'll fire up Phenom-II's.

Here's the official starting post at XtremeSystems:


SF3D OC Gathering Vol. 1 -Powered by AMD

Hi all!

It is that time of the year again, when friends will gather around the same table and have best time of their lives.

Last year this event was smaller, but it was fun:

This time we will have bigger and better event in here Finland.

Who will take part ?

Giorgioprimo - Italy
Massman- Belgium
Elmor- Sweden
Dedal- Russia
Neoforce- Russia
Pofigist- Russia
Donny- Russia
Macci- Finland
Sampsa- Finland
SF3D- Finland

What parts we are going to use?

AMD Phenom II 945 BE ES CPU's
AMD Phenom II 955 BE ES & retail CPU's

790FX motherboards from different brands. (ASUS, GIGABYTE AND DFI)

ATI RADEON 4890 cards
ATI RADEON 4870X2 cards

What cooling method we are going to use?

Yes.. you got it right. We are going to use Liquid helium in the event and cool our CPU's to sub -230c

There will also be plenty of LN2 to play with. That is for loosers though :D

What will happen in general?

On Friday after all participants have arrived, we will go to my summerplace to have some fun. We will eat and drink. We will swim in the lake and go to sauna. Sun will not go down, but hopefully we do in some point :D

On Saturday we all will go to Pirkkahalli. We have a good place for overclocking in there with roof terrace and sauna etc. We will push the limits of hardware with LN2+ Lhe and hopefully we will finally see the magic 7GHz on the screen. 6.5Ghz 3Dmarks are on the target too. We will also try to push our 4890 cards to their limits and see what they can do.

After that we will go to town and eat + drink. When we are ready, we will go to some night club to show how nerds can move their hips :shocked:

On Sunday, we will hopefully do some sightseeing and maybe overclocking too.

Anything else?

We will have a lottery on Saturday. We will give away at least 3 x TWKR CPU's and at least 2 x 4890 cards. Everyone who will take part will get something to take home, so they can continue to do some serious OC in there too.

Will you ever stop talking?

Yes.. I only want to say few more words :p:

This will be one of the most exciting moments of 2009 for me and hopefully for our guests too.

I like to thank AMD (Simon), AMD Sweden (firefly) and AMD Finland (Macci have done a lot of hard work to make this event possible). Without them none of this would be possible :clap: Thank you!

Updates will start to come as soon as something is happening...


Gamer 2nd July 2009 19:21

Woot Woot :)

Bring some WR's back to Belgium if you like.

Good luck from M :)

jmke 2nd July 2009 19:40

how's the weather?:)

Massman 2nd July 2009 21:16

Testing i7 950

5.1G Vantage stable at 1.52v :)

Gamer 2nd July 2009 21:28

Liquid Helium ?

Massman 2nd July 2009 21:36

Of course not haha.


Gamer 2nd July 2009 22:05

hehe, could be :p

Massman 2nd July 2009 22:15

2 Attachment(s)
Cpu testing done. Much more is possible, but the UD5 motherboard is giving big problems.

- 1.5v+ is no boot
- Gskill Perfect Storm still not completely compatible with F8c bios
- Pci-e at 106 works good, but not totally tested.

Still, very nice result for first 2h of testing this sample.

Massman 2nd July 2009 22:21

2 Attachment(s)

jort 2nd July 2009 23:30

i am proud that your meeting with the big guys, belgium rocks !!!!!!!!!

so small and still so mutch talent !!

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