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Gamer 7th May 2008 17:16

Overclock your car ?
Coulnd't resist it, I overclocked my car :)
From 115Hp to 145hp.
You sure can feel the difference.

geoffrey 7th May 2008 17:22

What car, volkswagen?

jmke 7th May 2008 17:24

Audi A4 Break :)
quanta costa?

did the chiptuning yourself?

Gamer 7th May 2008 17:28

Nope, someone from 9-lives.

€399, my wife hasn't found out yet :p

Massman 7th May 2008 17:34

She will, next time she's in the car ... :p

Pardons 7th May 2008 17:55

LOL now he can deal his drugs faster :p

jmke 7th May 2008 17:57


Originally Posted by Gamer (Post 169314)
399, my wife hasn't found out yet :p

wifey is no issue, just hope that insurance doesn't find out if you ever have an accident... because if your car has more BHP than what it's insured for... you'll pay all

Gamer 7th May 2008 18:14

Nah, not realy.
Even lease cars are overclocked.

I'll ask my agent.

geoffrey 7th May 2008 18:21

Indeed, when you have an accident at least crash the whole front side!

Hmm, someone at 9lives, could it be XTRATEC? 399€ sounds like a lot to me, though you get over 25% extra power so it might be worth the upgrade after all. Friend of me has 130pk A4 break, nice car to drive with, I guess the 145pk will be roughly the same. What exactly does it do, increase turbo pressure? What's your new high speed top score? :p

I remember once reading an article talking about ODB2, car analysis for the electronics minded guy. When I'm old I ... :p

jmke 7th May 2008 18:23


Originally Posted by Gamer (Post 169321)
Nah, not realy.

yah really

checked with insurance when I got to order a company cars a few years ago, it's all at your own risk!

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