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OPPAINTER 6th June 2002 18:12

I use an MCW 462 waterblock with a 156pelt, I cool it with a R404A water chiller.


The Senile Doctor 6th June 2002 18:16

quite a lot simpler but ten times more effective I guess....
do you cool your vga-ram?
How high do you get with that setup?

TerAngreal 6th June 2002 18:33

@RichyB: if needed i can bring my 340W Chieftec psu along ...

The Senile Doctor 6th June 2002 20:02

if you bring any more psu's, I'll start hotwiring my litronicsheadlights (:boast:) and we'll party with skylighting all night long!

TerAngreal 6th June 2002 20:08

'aaaaaait :^)

just put that li'l ol' porsche somewhere on a slope or something

i'll provide the sound installation, you bring along yer entire metal-collection :super:

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