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RichBa5tard 6th June 2002 07:32

OPP's 480W waterchiller
As most now, I've bought it with the intension to salvage the pelts and distribute it among us.

Since all the pelts are being bought by [M]ad ppl, why not giving it a testrun before we pull the thingie apart? If i had an extra powersupply (powerfull enough to power 6 8amps 80W pelts) I could give it a go...

Or does some-one else want to try it?

fredperry 6th June 2002 08:01

Just try the damn thing ;)

I would, if I still had my pump en wb...

Gamer 6th June 2002 08:09

same here, dont got pump anymore, remember RB :)

I'v got PSU power enough, 420-350-250 watts is in the house...
maybe on a meeting ?

RichBa5tard 6th June 2002 08:16

Sold your pomp to Gorgh, damnit :)

I'll look around to see if I can't find a cheapass second-hand one. :)

I'll need some power supplies though, I think at least three since my 350W enermax can only pull 2 80W pelts (17Amps on 12V, 80W pelts use 8Amps each). Feel free to bring them to the next meeting, I wonder if I can wait that long though. :D

The Senile Doctor 6th June 2002 10:16

psu's are no prob, gamer still has a 420 which for pelts could do just fine. try-out on next meeting!

biCker 6th June 2002 11:35

if needed I can take the enermax 430W out of my computer and I have a Eiheim pump (680l/h with build on reservoir) lying around

beki 6th June 2002 12:24

When's the next meeting? cause if needed I can bring my custom-made (by subsonik) 500W PSU if it's ready.

jASjE 6th June 2002 12:35

just make sure you don't pull too hard on the pelt wires ( wink @ gamer ;) )

OPPAINTER 6th June 2002 17:07

You can plug 2 into your main PSU as long as its a good one, then you can just use 2 Cheap AT PSUs, 2 pelts on each. I was useing 2 enermax PSUs for 4 pelts and my system and 1 AT PSU for the other 2 pelts.


The Senile Doctor 6th June 2002 17:09

what are you using now for your vidcard?

a new set of machinery?

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