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OneyedK 1st May 2008 14:30

OneyedK's MSI OCC submission
Still finding ways to reach 5 posts |D
Can't post url's with results atm...

jmke 1st May 2008 14:50

fix0red, welcome onboard :hello:

OneyedK 1st May 2008 16:04


I'll start with a little history, starting at the end of 2004, right after the Barton-days...

Good old northwood 2.4:
Comes with a worthless SuperPI (not 1.5) result:
Playing with the northwoord 2.8 version:

Everybody hated that Prescott 2.8, got it cheap, external watercooling:

The AMD-hype got to me, a Winchester 3200+ just had to be tested on a K8V board...
After some fiddling:
After another day:
(32 seconds superPI was not bad in those days)

It was wintertime so I needed another way to heat my room
an i560 came in handy, another prescott in a brand new package,
board was a P5AD2E Premium with Corsair ram:
Fast stock run:
Go for 30 seconds:
A little 3Dmark03 (with X800XT): e=10

I was so pleased and warmed with the i560 that I bought an i660 ;-)
Little bench:
And SuperPI 1.5 arrived:
Too bad I don't have the 3D03 results anymore..

Legendary X800GTO² came to me...
So I flashed it to a X850XT PE and pencilmodded it, vGPU and vMEM...
554MHz corespeed and 629MHz memory speed. (zalman aircooled):
3Dmark05: e=12

I had sworn to switch over to AMD when they had the first dual core...
And they did, a Manchester 4200+ on the bench:
Combined with good TCCD-ram, I couldn't beat the i660, not with SuperPI
and not with 3Dmark03 (wich favours raw cpu power and memory bandwidth): e=10

IRL it was a fast combo, but the DFI with nVidia chipset proved never completely stable.

Back to play with an Intel, almost free Celeron D331:
full throttle:,234.JPG
4329MHz for a 2660MHz Celeron was not bad at all ;-)

Bought me a Smithfield D820 :
Nice, hot and stable.

RoaringEagle came to me to test a D830:
Good for a 3Dmark05 run at 4200MHz: e=12

My watercooling needed some work around the time core2 arrived, so I'm aircooling since...

E6400: (15.953s)

E6600: (14.000s)

Now I've got a Q6600 G0 (alas, not a very good one) on a ASUS P5E (droopin' like hell),
Will try to push it for this OCC...
My old X1900XTX will be paired with this one...
And some OCZ PC2 8000 Titanium Alpha VX2 (not super, but still good)
Hope to find some powerfull fans before the 9th, otherwise this list will have to be judged ;-)

GL to all contenders!

thorgal 5th May 2008 21:41

Welcome Karl, glad you made it.

Now for some recent results ;)

OneyedK 6th May 2008 11:18


Originally Posted by thorgal (Post 169221)
Welcome Karl, glad you made it.

Now for some recent results ;)

Thanks, just received word from Caseking, new fans wil arrive this week, so friday will be OC-day...

OneyedK 7th May 2008 11:55

OK, let's get started while waiting for the Scythe Ultra Caze DFS123812H-3000 fans.
I will need them to be able to run 3Dmark03 stable at high speed...

The rig:
PSU: Tagan 580W
CPU: Intel Q6600 G0 (previously tested, rather hot for a G0)
cooler: Coolermaster GeminII with leftover SilenX and Papst fan
memory: OCZ Titanium Alpha VX2 PC2 8000 4-4-4-15 (on other board they wouldn't even do 1000MHz, not even with every trick in the book)
mainboard: ASUS P5E (X38, never tested before by me)
GPU: X1900XTX (stock cooler will be ripped apart and force cooled by the Scythes, if they arrive in time. This card didn't respond well to HR-03 or Zalman coolers, tried them all before)
HDD: 2x Raptor 150ADFD, configured as single disks.
This is my only rig, so I will be carefull with it. I don't want destroy any parts or any data. OS is Windows XP an will not be tweaked. (need all functions for day to day use)

OC results will be relative to stock, so I ran superPI and 3Dmark03 at stock speeds.
Stock means everything at normal speed, memory at 800MHz 4-4-4-15.
Northbridge strapped to 266MHz
vCore fixed.



The method:
1) finding max memory speed/performance by lowering the cpu multi, playing with the memory timings and northbridge strap settings.
2) finding max performance and balance between fsb and multi, in regard to the findings in (1)
3) overclocking the GPU, balancing between memory and corespeed with teh cpu at stockspeed.
4) final run with the combined findings of (1), (2) and (3)

They look like small steps, but they will take a while, will report back if I get results I like. Still hope the fans will arrive on time, I need them for stability and to cool the X1900XTX...

jmke 7th May 2008 12:06

up to the 30k :D

OneyedK 7th May 2008 13:59

Thanks for the heads up!

Ok, step 1 finished...
:mad: This is not OC-friendly weather for aircoolers! Roomtemp is over 25°C!!!

Maxfsb topped out at 470MHz, luckily for me, 465MHz proved stable enough to bench...
I was able to memtest the RAM at 1239MHz, but it's too dangerous to really bench at 2.45Vmem atm. Not sufficiënt cooling and I like to finish this with all hardware still usable.

SuperPI @ 465MHzx7 1:1

3Dmark03 @ 465x7 1:1

I'll give the system some cooling down time and then try to better the SuperPI-score. (step 2)
Will have to wait for better fans before I heat it all up with 3D03.

jmke 7th May 2008 14:35

With 3255Mhz you are faster than this guy: who has 3322Mhz, or this one 3.6Ghz and slower than you :)

OneyedK 7th May 2008 15:27


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 169294)
With 3255Mhz you are faster than this guy: who has 3322Mhz, or this one 3.6Ghz and slower than you :)

Saweet! Would the X38 be the reason???

Just finished testing x8, that's part 1 of step 2.

Couldn't boot at 465x8, but I could boot at 460x8, 1.4250Vcore set in bios.
Cranked the fsb up to 465 with setfsb, no real problems there...
Ah yes, I had to strap the chipset to 400MHz, 333MHz was impossible @ 465MHz fsb.
--> however, I cannot break the 465MHz-barrier of this combo, thried upping vcore, vNB, vSB and other equalising voltages in tiny steps, couldn't find a sweet spot that would allow me to crank it up.
Guess it's the price I pay for overclocking an aircooled quadcore :redface:

The results with 465x8:

SuperPI (13.594s):

3Dmark03 (23278):

2nd part of step 2 will be playing with the x9 multi.
Guess I'll have to do that tonight, a few other things need my attention now...

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