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Sidney 24th August 2004 04:44

Old Article - Good reminder
On every enthusiast forum, when the subject of overclocking is discussed one of the primary limiting factors is CPU temperatures. However, as every oc’er knows, and as is very well documented on the Net, the two favorite manufacturers for the typical enthusiast have a huge discrepancy when reporting CPU temps. Depending on a tweaker’s preference you might hear “Abit read high, Asus is correct”, or exactly the opposite. Here at the BE labs we decided to get to the bottom of this controversy and investigate who’s right, if anyone.


The numbers definitely speak for themselves. The Abit software reported temps anywhere from 10-13 degrees Centigrade high, and the Asus software read anywhere from 5-8 degrees Centigrade low as compared to the digital probe. This is an ongoing study and in part 2 we saw the same consistent results with bios 24, Abit EQ, and a Prescott CPU. Abit EQ reported temps anywhere from 7-11 degrees Centigrade high versus the digital probe. There are definitely more efficient cooling solutions available to the enthusiast on the market today, but the readings should remain consistent whatever the hardware used for cooling. Indeed, we only performed a mild overclock with a modest VCore boost using stock cooling, but what we were searching for here is the discrepancy in CPU temp reporting by the 2 companies. It would seem a simple fix for the software to be updated by both manufacturers to more consistently report CPU temps. Actual temps were virtually identical and the small difference can probably be attributed to the Asus mobos tendency to over volt - of course that's a whole other discussion.


My theory:

Abit does not tell anyone that they own several heatsink factories under different names.

Asus knows Abit owns heatsink factories and had to do something to get even with the competitor.


This is why I now own 5 SF-609.:^D

Laagvliegerke 24th August 2004 06:08

Not a very good measurement. Take ten Abit IC7 and ten Asus P4C800-E Deluxe and you'll have different results with each board. The temperature sensors on mobo's aren't reliable. Different mobo's (same model, same make) will give different temperatures. Those sensors are simple, not callibrated and cheap so it would be hard to find a mobo that's gives you the correct temperature.

Sidney 24th August 2004 16:04

The problem is they don't use CPU temp sensor.

They compute processor temp using Micro-code, system temp, voltage, CPU speed etc.

When they are off by 15C; my fingers would do the job better. You miss the point here.;)

A temp thermister is used on almost 100% AXP boards.

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