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Gamer 16th May 2010 09:38

OC Benchday on 24/05/10.
Would like to have a benchday with LNē on monday 24/05.
Gamer - Massman - Leeghoofd (no confirmation yet) - Pt1t.
Place to be : Gamer's place ?

My input :
1 filled dewar, in corporation with Leeghoofd.
1 Cascade, thanks to Blind
i7 980x 3003 tested once at 6G Pifast.
Kneding gum.
Classified 4Way with dual channel :D
Corsair Dominator 3x2GB
GTX285 to be voltmodded by Massman :woot:
MSI Lightning
2 x 8800GTX
F1 container
4 x Tek-9

leeghoofd 16th May 2010 09:44

I'll donate my GTX2 kit (but no massman volts :p allowed)

I'm in , prepare for huge amounts of M & M's

Maybe 180L already pj ?

Gamer 16th May 2010 13:50

M&M's : Check.

leeghoofd 16th May 2010 14:03

I bring those, plus zwalmse tripel and co ( need to empty the frigo )

Red bull for PJ do not forget !

Gamer 16th May 2010 14:45

I found something better, but forgot the name :)

PJ hasn't confirmed yet :(
And that\'s our Team Captain....

Massman 16th May 2010 21:30

24/05 is apparently a holiday?

If yes - it should not be a problem :p

blind_ripper 16th May 2010 22:48


jmke 17th May 2010 07:37

hmm indeed :D

blind_ripper 17th May 2010 08:33


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 258172)

i dont get it ?

leeghoofd 18th May 2010 20:31

K 180L dewar will be at my place from thursday.

If weather is good we can do a BBQ too...

New Benching adress :

Hoeksken 87
9520 Sint-Lievens-Houtem

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