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New to OC, need help New to OC, need help
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New to OC, need help
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Old 22nd January 2005, 20:28   #1
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New to OC, need help

Just starting looking into overclocking about 2 weeks ago and after reading much about it I decided to go ahead and see what I can get outta my system. After hours of testing, it now seems like I can't get much. Here are my specs.

350 W Power Supply
5 Case Fans
Asus A7V600
AMD XP 2700+
1 GB (2x512) PC3200 KingMax
x2 SATA 120GB Harddrives (Raid 1)
BFG GeForce FX 5500 256Mb
Windows 2000 Server

These are the default BIOS Settings

CPU SPD: 2167
Multiplier: 13.0x
CPU Freq: 166/33
CPU V: 1.65 (Auto)
MEM Freq: Auto
MEM V: Auto
AGP V: Auto

After all the testing this is the final configuration I came up with that didn't cause blue screens or boot failures.

CPU SPD: 2241
Multiplier: 13.5x
CPU Freq: 166/33
CPU V: 1.70
MEM Freq: 400
MEM V: Auto
AGP V: Auto

Not much for overclocking, I was hoping to get up to 2400 or 2600, not asking for much. If you need me to post all the settings I tried and failed at, I will post them. Is this normal for this processor and/or motherboard? If so I guess I will stop trying, I don't want to blow them up. I guess I am just wondering if there is anything I can do to get more out of my processor. Also, does anyone think a better power supply would help? Any help will be appreciated.

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While we could boot into Windows XP at overclocked speeds as high as 220FSB, the highest stable FSB overclocking that we could achieve was 212MHz. Compared to nForce2 Socket A motherboards, this overclocking performance is mediocre. However, compared to other KT600 chipset boards, the A7V600 turns out to be one of the better overclockers. Once again, the reason for the poor overclocking compared to other chipsets is the lack of the option to fix PCI/AGP frequency on the KT600 and ASUS A7V600.

i guess you picked the wrong mobo(oc'ing) :grum:
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Old 22nd January 2005, 21:45   #3
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he didn't overclock his fsb

Do you have an option for chipset voltage?

What temperatures do you get on the cpu under load?

I don't think it's your psu, 350W should suffice for what you have hooked up
Old 22nd January 2005, 21:47   #4
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Hmm, yeah, I have had trouble with this mobo from the minute I've had it. It's the first Asus that I've ever had problems with. I should know better then to buy the ones with all the newest stuff on it. Would have better off waiting for the A7V600-X.

I'm going to look into it a little more, but the more I read about, the more I feel this is all I'm going to get out of it. Sigh....
Old 22nd January 2005, 21:52   #5
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Kristos, yes I think I have an option for chipset voltage. At the only speed I got my system to stabalize at, 2241, I had no problems with temperature. The highest it reached is 40. Then again its the middle of winter and my apartment is pretty cold.
Old 22nd January 2005, 23:27   #6
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hmm nevermind about the chipset voltage, my bad

I always think fsb overclocking

well, temps are low enough, you could try raising the vcore a little more and see what gives...
Old 23rd January 2005, 03:05   #7
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Interesting... I upped the voltage/multiplier and ran a Test.

CPU SPD: 2342
Multiplier: 14.0x
CPU Freq: 166/33
CPU V: 1.75
MEM Freq: 333
Max CPU Temp: 42

I tried this yesterday, I think, and had some problems. Maybe not. Everything seems stable. I'm going to try some other tests. How much voltage is too much? I read some things where people said they wouldn't go over 1.65, but they were older articles.
Old 23rd January 2005, 05:45   #8
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before you do anything more, do serious stability testing with torture tests of prime95
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Old 23rd January 2005, 12:30   #9
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For a fairly recent Axp (barton/thorton, througoughbred B/applebred (b?), dunno about earlier models) I wouldn't go higher then 1.85V and that's only when you have good aircooling (although that doesn't seem to be a problem in your case if your at about 40 load temp)

but do as the good doctor says and again, keep an eye on your temps because prime stresses your cpu pretty good
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