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jmke 9th November 2003 01:59

new Barton's locked! ?


For those of you that haven't heard, new Bartons are factory locked, (not even wire tricks work with them.)

anes 9th November 2003 02:56

yup, its a fact

all of a sudden everybody will want to have older weeks, those hw vendors must be going crazy,
first the picky people want the newest, now they want old stuff :D

"the only way to increase your chances is to try to get a pre week 39 Barton..."

anes 9th November 2003 02:57


sucks :bash:

vegeta 9th November 2003 07:26

hmmm a very big bummer :(

The Senile Doctor 9th November 2003 08:11

sth that was to be expected...
they want to force the higher cpu's upon the enthusiast market

vegeta 9th November 2003 08:25

i think there going intel's way :(
i thought the A64 will have a 940 pins later on, like intel with their P4 in the beginning. so new cpu require a new mobo

the cheapest A64 in belgium is around 500, not every enthusiast is willing to spend that kind of money on a cpu :S
and still is almost 100 more expesive then the top P4 cpu

FreeStyler 3rd December 2003 14:51

Need help, I need a new CPU, I was thinking about barton but...
All the ones we have are week 44, so ze're probably not going to get any newer ones.
As far as I know, my mobo will go up to 200FSB, leading to a nice 2200MHz OC, and 205 is a no-go.
My current main rig CPU does 2200MAX and it's just a 1800+.
Is it worth it, or should I look for something else (2100+ ulocked)?
Might the FSB be able te reach higher speeds with a barton, or won't it as I expect?

RichBa5tard 3rd December 2003 15:05

I thought only the xp2500+ was locked? If so, go for a XP2600+ barton.

FreeStyler 3rd December 2003 15:10

We don't have those.

RichBa5tard 3rd December 2003 16:00

Then go for a XP2800+ :)

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