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nigel 28th March 2010 18:20

Need some help to confirm something
yeah its me again with some questions :D I can't help it but its fun to learn more and more sow here we go ^^

First of during my search of information for my thesis I found this website =>

In there he is showing a litle math formula to calculate teh new TDP of a CPU.
I always err on the side of caution and calculate for 20% higher than what I expect to happen. The formula for processor output is the following.

TDP_new = TDP * (MHz_new/MHz_stock) * (V_new/V_stock)^2

Can I trust this litle formula :shrug:

Further more a litle question about Peltiers I will do my best to translate it correct from my thesis ;)
Dutch => Om delta T uit te rekenen hebben we volgende formule nodig. Let wel op delta T is niet de temperatuur van de koude zijde maar het verschil tussen de warme en koude zijde!
“Delta T = (1 – (TDP / Maximum koelingsvermoge)) * Maximum temperatuur verschil
Translated => In order to calculate delta T formula we need. Note delta T is the temperature of the cold side but the difference between the hot and cold side!
"Delta T = (1 - (TDP / Maximum cooling power)) * Maximum temperature difference

Then to know how much heat we need to remove on the hot side of the Peltier (TEC's)
Dutch => Het is dus duidelijk dat we de warme zijde moeten controleren om de gewenste temperaturen op de koude zijde te bekomen. Hier zit er wel een addertje onder het gras. Namelijk dat we moeten rekeninghouden met zowel de warmte (TDP) van onze processor en het koelingsvermogen van onze peltier. Wat houd dit nu concreet in? Wel we moeten deze twee samen rekenen.
Totale warmte ontwikkeling = TDP + Maximum koelingsvermogen
Translated => It is therefore clear that we must check the hot side to the desired temperature on the cold side to obtain. Here is there a catch somewhere. Namely that we must take into account both the heat (TDP) of our processor and the cooling power of our Peltier. What does this mean concretely? But we must count them together.
Total TDP + heat = Maximum cooling capacity

Sow is this making any sence ore am I going at this the wrong way? :shrug:

Thanks in advance :) :thanks:

JimmyJump 12th April 2010 14:16

For starters, here's a more accurate translation of the Flemish parts:

To calculate 'Delta-T', we need the following formula. Please note that 'Delta-T' is NOT the temperature of the cold side, but the difference between the cold and hot side.

It is obvious that we need to survey the hot side to achieve the desired temperature on the cold side. However, there is a catch: we have to take into account both the heat (TDP) and the cooling capacity of the Peltier. This means we have to combine the two: Total heat development = TDP + the maximum cooling ability...


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