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My first chiller My first chiller
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My first chiller
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Old 7th July 2004, 11:17   #1
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Default My first chiller

a while back I was talking to koensa, how cool a chiller would be ...
so he got one a while after that ...
and to top things off I got one too :x

so, now he's out so he can't help me

I got some pics and some questions

The setup not running not in the water:

the evap in the liquid and the res :c

the sys running:

well, I got the temp down to -5C but I have a feeling this thing can go further ...
it's a unit from a fridge-freezer thingy, you know, small freezer on top, rather large fridge

There used to be a lot of ice on it ... and now, no matter what I do I don't get ice :'(

anywayz, I got some hints on placing the condensor horizontal, and cooling the compressor, cuz it gets REALLY hot (can't hold my finger on it for over a sec)
so gonna try that, and see how far this baby goes that way ...

I have some questions tho:
1) There's this sensor like thing ... it's prolly a temp probe, but how does it work? does it need to be in the reservoir for optimal cooling or does it have to be near a heatsource?

2) there's this thermostat-like thing in every fridge right? well this one doesn't do jack sh*t I can turn to whichever side I want, the temp stay -5C ... what does that thing do

picture of both:

and finally the new test method:

I'd like for anyone who has some experience to just share their two cents

Old 7th July 2004, 11:48   #2
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1st= the sensor normaly is placed behind the evaporator(verdamper)
2nd=if you say its a fridge the thermostat wont do anything because the scale stars lower .
3de=can you please give some more details about the compressor
4de= think your capasity isn't big enough to cool the water properly
you can ask me some questions about cooling because i do that in school
watercooling, chilled water,direct phase change, cascade, custom modding
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Old 7th July 2004, 12:15   #3
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well the evap-part you see is the part from the freezer ... there's a smaller evap part (single plate) that was the fridge part
would be safe to roll up the evap? and put it into a smaller res?

about the compressor ... the label fell off I know it's a danfoss but that's about as much as I know ... is there another way to see it?

4de= think your capasity isn't big enough to cool the water properly
the capacity of the unit to cool the water?
Old 7th July 2004, 12:35   #4
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get over here for the experts .
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Old 7th July 2004, 15:33   #5
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so a little bit of good news
when putting a fan on the compressor & putting the condensor horizontally I got -10C

I'd like to see how it would perform with that compressor running cold ... it's still hot not baking-an-egg-on-it hot like it used to be but still pretty hot

also considering rolling the evap up, so I can use less liquid, but I'm afraid to do , wouldn't wanna break the evap
Old 7th July 2004, 15:36   #6
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cut off the thermostat to keep it running
Old 7th July 2004, 16:17   #7
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well, when I let the thermostat sensor out of the res, the unit doesn't cool at all ...
when I do, it cools

imo it's something weird, but I'm letting it in the res
Old 7th July 2004, 16:23   #8
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I got some weird **** now ...

the liquid temp would be around -10.5C

I have ice around the evap
he whole evap is covered with it ...
this is weird imo
I used 50/50 demineralised water/anti-freeze

sooo I'm screwed ... took another good look at the anti-freeze bottle, said to -26C BUT at the bottom
in very small lettres (yes as usual) said: don't mix with water/anti-freeze ...

one reaction:
Old 7th July 2004, 18:09   #9
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nice though.
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Old 7th July 2004, 19:26   #10
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I believe people usually use an alcohol based mixture (that is, as usually, if my memory serves me correctly :/ )
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