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jmke 14th October 2009 20:45

Muehahah Geoffrey has fallen!
11. 147.10 jmke
12. 145.80 geoffrey

only took me 1 year to pass you :p

leeghoofd 14th October 2009 21:15

Evil John ! With SS you could have more golden or silver cups... one run with an SSD (something is wrong with that score of yours for sure : 20Mb SSD does that exist ?) and you will eat Jabski's Pcmark score for breakfast, some nice leeghoofd rams could improve scores overall toooooooooo :) damn John 400Mhz C5 is ....

I want that CPU on my REX :)

jmke 14th October 2009 21:57


damn John 400Mhz C5 is ....
not even changed the BIOS memory timings from AUTO to manual :)
couldn't care less, don't have the time :p

regarding "something wrong with SSD"... Jmicron.


I want that CPU on my REX
and it's not unavailable until the end of time :D

jmke 23rd October 2009 16:30

Cranox is next :D


10. 158.00 Cranox
11. 154.6 jmke

geoffrey 23rd October 2009 17:26

You're free to take my place. My last submission was more then half year ago, same goes for Cranox I guess since me and him were always close in rankings. Now with my SS unit at Leeghoofd's place I don't think the situation will change in the near future, but hey, you never know, maybe we have extremely cold winter nights ahead :)

leeghoofd 23rd October 2009 17:44

I'll put some spare cpu's in ya phase unit so you can show who's the real boss here :p

jmke 23rd October 2009 18:02

for every point I earn I lose another one the next week, so I'm climbing extremely slowly :D

leeghoofd 23rd October 2009 19:33

With all that hardware in the Madshrimps vault... it must be easy to gain some serious points... and a tip John : do it now, as once the little critter is there you will have 2 colonels in the house !!


jmke 23rd October 2009 19:42

yah, like I have the time for OCing hardware for fun; no no
all work and no play my friend!

blind_ripper 23rd October 2009 19:49


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 246812)
yah, like I have the time for OCing hardware for fun; no no
all work and no play my friend!

i work and get payed but slowly :D.

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