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jmke 17th June 2008 11:26

MSI Overclocking Contest Results Pre-Selection Round
MSI Overclocking Contest Results Pre-Selection Round

For several weeks now a dedicated group of Madshrimps forum members have been busy overclocking the MSI hardware they received from MSI Europe. They got a MSI P35 Platinum motherboard and MSI HD3850 512Mb video card which they used to push their system to the limits.

Jip started out with an air cooled system and set 2nd place benchmarks early at the start. Oneyedk had an advantage in Wprime with this Quad Core CPU but his lower clocks left him in 3rd place in Cinebench and 3DMark03. Blind set out as the favorite with his 65L of LN2 prepped to cool down his gear; he grabbed 1st spots early on in the contest.

JIP's Air Cooled Test Setup

OneyeDK Water Cooled Test Setup

Blind's Extreme Cooling Setup Work in Progress
Attachment 1862Attachment 1861
Attachment 1860Attachment 1859

OneyeDK threw in the hat last week when he had to leave on holiday, leaving Blind and Jip to fight it out amongst them. Blind managed to kill his VGA card leaving him at an eternal second place in the 3DMark03 test; while Jip was having difficulties overclocking his CPU high enough to match Blind's 2D benchmark scores.

Blind told Jip he was prepping his LN2 for his final test run... Jip turned to his colleague overclocker Pt1t for some help; cooled down by a cascade Phase Change JIP's CPU soared high enough to beat Blind's 2D scores; this put Jip in the lead Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday was the last day of the contest and Blind had 24 left to prove his LN2 cooling skills; but as with everything done hastly, bad luck is most likely to strike when it's least expected or wanted. Without 3D he had to focus on Wprime32M and Cinebench; as the hours went by the tension rose as Jip continued posting questions, asking for updates on Blind scores.

Slightly before midnight Jip got confirmation that Blind did not succeed to beat his scores; Jip & Pt1t will be going to the Netherlands, speak Dutch, and represent Belgium in the EU finals :D

1st = Jip : 8 Pts
2nd = Blind : 5 Pts
3rd = OneyeDK's : 5 Pts

1st Jip&Pt1t : 50590 (985/1125)
2nd Blind : 49292 (999/1053)
3rd OneyeDK's : 42880 (837/1107)

1st Jip&Pt1t : 5688
2nd Blind : 5464
3rd OneyeDK's : 4184

1st OneyeDK's : 10,203 Sec
2nd Jip&Pt1t : 14,829 Sec
3rd Blind : 14,9 Sec

Congratulations! Jip & Pt1t will be receiving a brand new MSI P45 motherboard, CPU , MEMORY and PSU to go with it so they can practice their voltmods and overclock skills, discover the BIOS, tweak their custom chipset cooling, and prepare for the finals in August in Amsterdam where the two benchmarks used are Wprime 32M and Cinebench; some high end containers and mucho LN2 will come in useful !

To read more about the [M] OC contest and check the results in detail go here:

Jip 17th June 2008 12:37

Cinebench it's loud to bench :(

Only 2 bench ?? it's few for 3 day's lol

Pt1t 17th June 2008 13:49


Originally Posted by Jip (Post 172205)
Cinebench it's loud to bench :(

Only 2 bench ?? it's few for 3 day's lol

yes Jip , cinebench is long :woot:

Stida 19th June 2008 12:38


Try your best!!

wutske 19th June 2008 12:53


Originally Posted by Stida (Post 172399)

Try your best!!

trying is not enough ... BE the best |D

Stida 19th June 2008 14:17

but without trying your best, you can't be the best ;-) :D (me likes arguing |D )

Massman 19th June 2008 15:29

I bet I can be the best in soccer without even trying my best when I play against 4-year olds ;-)

OneyedK 20th June 2008 15:37

Congratz Jip and Pt1t!!! Great job!!!

:D You were so lucky I had to go to France to sip cocktails and steer my motorcycle trough some beautiful corners :D
CYa all next year???

jmke 20th June 2008 15:59

or sooner ;)

Jip 20th June 2008 16:15

thank's oneyedk ;)

next even soon ?? :D

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