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jmke 25th April 2008 17:43

MSI Overclocking Contest : Info & Howto Join
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Madshrimps is proud to be selected by MSI to participate in the European MSI Overclocking Contest. Our humble site has been appointed the task to send one Belgian overclocker (or team of two) to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the big finals in August.

The selection process is split up in three parts:
Pre-selection: starts today, we want to see impressive overclocking results posted in this forum! Using SuperPi 1M and 3DMark03. You get a chance to participate until Friday 9th May. The winners will be selected by our jury based on effort, skills and their OC scores.

Top 2 + 1st from Overclex (representing French Side of Belgium) will each receive one MSI RX3850-T2D512E-OC Video Card and MSI P35 Platinum Motherboard. With this hardware they need to post the highest scores in WPrime 32M, 3Dmark03 and CineBench R10. They get to the end of May to submit their scores. The 16th June the ultimate winner will be selected.

The winning person/team will receive the newest MSI P45 Motherboard, CPU, Memory and PSU to prepare for the finals in August!
By participating in this overclocking contest and reaching the first or second place you’ll get:


But wait… there’s more, if you end up in the TOP 3~9 you’ll get an MSI bonus package consisting of MSI branded goodies (T-Shirt, Hat, Stress ball and more!)

For those who don’t think they make a chance… don’t go away yet, by signing up to this overclocking contest you’ll make a chance to win a performance laptop from MSI, the winner will chosen randomly among the contestants!

One MSI GX600P will go to a lucky overclocker, this laptop we reviewed here!


How to sign up

Send an email to with the following details:
Madshrimps Forum Account: (don’t have one yet)
First name:
Last name:

Zip code:
Phone number:
Email address:
Please note the following legal requirements:
Agreements with the participants
- Participants in Qualifier and the MSI EU Overclocking Challenge are adults or have permission from parents or guardian.

Participants agree on publication of:
- Results from the overclocking and the MSI EU OC Challenge publications
- Usage from photo, name and nickname in favor of the MSI EU OC Challenge 2008 by MSI
- Usage from photo, name and nickname in favor of the MSI EU OC Challenge 2009 and beyond by MSI
- Usage for pr campaigns for 1 year by MSI

Agreements by MSI
MSI will only use the data limited till the next MSI OC Challenge and will further not be used for marketing activities other then activities related to MSI OC Challenge.
You can participate alone or in a team of maximum 2 people!

So send of your details to!


Pre-Selection Guidelines or How to make chance to Win!

To be able to qualify for this overclocking contest you need to post new or old(er) overclocking achievements, the benchmarks we like to see pushed to the limit are SuperPi 1M and 3DMark03, but the score alone is not enough, you start a new thread in this forum and post your benchmark setup, photos, and tell us how you achieved this overclocking, what tweaks you used (if you which to share;)).

In short: tell and show us why you are a better overclocker than the other participants.

>>> A valid SuperPi 1M score is submitted with a screenshot like:

Use the latest version of CPU-Z, after the SuperPi 1M benchmark has run, open CPU-Z twice and show the CPU details, and in the other show the memory details

>>> A valid 3DMark03 score is submitted with a screenshot like:

Use the latest version of CPU-Z, and GPU-Z. The screenshot must show the 3DMark03 settings, the total 3DMark03 screen AND the result details


We wish all participants good luck and we hope to send a very capable overclocker (or team) to the Netherlands to represent Belgium in the MSI EU OC Finals!

We’ll update this thread with more info on the next rounds before 9th May!

piotke 14th June 2008 19:44

Small update concerning posting of results for round 2:

I'll give you all time until Monday 16/06/2008 23h59. One second later and your result won't be accepted. As this round is just based on numbers, it shouldn't be difficult to choose a winner.

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