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RichBa5tard 30th November 2002 17:58

MSI 845E/PE max FSB = 165~170Mhz?
I've tried both a 2.4B and a 2.53B on my MSI 845E MAX2 mobo. Both are 100% stable at 168FSB (3.06 & 3.2Mhz), but fail to load the winxp desktop at 169FSB, even with much higher vcore (1.75v instead of 1.65v).

Since my Ti4200 has run at 50Mhz PCI, my memodule is highQ samsung PC2700 at relax timings, and I'm having this problem with both a 300W and a 550W PSU, is it safe to conclude an MSI 845(P)E doesn't run above ~165-170FSB? FUGGER@xtreme can't get his PE stable above 170Mhz.

If you own a 845(P)E mobo, please state the max FSB you're able to reach stable. :-)

jmke 1st December 2002 00:32

160 was the max with the P4 2.26 before it started acting up :)

now with the older 1.8 (18x100), I am @ 143Mhz
thank god for the working ASYNC mem setting, cause memory is buzzing along @ 176Mhz

RichBa5tard 1st December 2002 00:35

The MSI 845E doesn't have a working 4:5 divider. Blah. :/

160FSB on which mobo? An MSI?

jmke 1st December 2002 00:53

woops, forgot to add :^D
Asus P4PE :)

biCker 2nd December 2002 22:45

My previous IT7 173 fsb primestable with corsair pc 3000, no divider blabla or whatsoever, 1:1 except for pci, set fixed at 33 mhz...

The new one i have now only does 160 stable? I think the bios version does have to do with it, must make time to flash it to opp's modded version

RichBa5tard 2nd December 2002 22:50

The new one? The one you got back from RMA?

biCker 3rd December 2002 14:18

no, previous one = the one that's been rma'd, new one: the one I recieved as a replacement for the previous one; there is still another one coming this way....
Quite a hassle, I'll explain sometime...

jmke 3rd December 2002 14:31

friday? over a beer ? ;-)

biCker 3rd December 2002 21:36


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