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dafour 7th June 2010 11:52

Motherboard sounds
I used to have a E6550 @3.62Ghz on a P35-DS3 2.1 and it was working nice
,now i got a Q6600 @3.6Ghz but when i stress the 4 cores my motherboard is starting to make silent beep sounds.
Should i worry?

And another thing,
I would like to hit 4ghz,have 1066ddr2 so thats no prob.
In the bios in can go to 1.59v , then its big steps to 1.6v -1.8v- 2.0v ,how much can i trust for 24/7
Its cooled by a H50 for now.
thx alot!

wutske 7th June 2010 16:23

Is it realy beeping, like a sound coming from an oboard speaker/buzzer or is it more like a high frequency pith.

The first could indicate an overheating problem, my old NF7-s v2 beeped increadibily silently when my core temp reached the set limit.
If it's the latter, then you shouldn't worry too much. Some coils tend to make high frequency pitched noises under heavy load, nothing to worry though. It can be fixed with some hot glue ;)

dafour 27th June 2010 09:31

Its a high frequency pitch when stressing the mobo,i'll just leave it like that,snice the board is in good condition.thx !

Gamer 27th June 2010 09:52

Hey Dafour, your doing some great benching for the team !!!

dafour 27th June 2010 18:25

I try to oc everyting that i see,even friends their pc :p
Only one bugger;
My ORB is full,cant submit more :(

Gamer 27th June 2010 18:52

You don't need to submit to the orb, print screen is enough, check rulez on HWBot.

dafour 27th June 2010 20:02


Originally Posted by Gamer (Post 259763)
You don't need to submit to the orb, print screen is enough, check rulez on HWBot.

:woot: i thought i wasnt legit without a link,this is gonna be a hot night.Thx again gamer!

Gamer 27th June 2010 21:21

To hot to bench, let it rest :)

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