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WeldZilla 26th April 2004 02:11

Ok, I built my new computer. New case, mobo, processor and so on. My 8 yrold son wanted my old processor, board and so on. Who could blame him. His was a great little computer with a P-3 866mhz prossy in it along with an Albatron 4280P vid card. 2x40 gig hdd's and so on So i slipped all my old into his case. Now that left my old case and his old processor in pieces in the shop and in the sun room and the dining room and in the computer room. the little woman was not happy :( . as if that really matters!! Now when on the phone with my sister-in-law I find out the her grand daughter was told that a lot of her 8th grade class assignments were going to be done on the net. She has no computer!! Uncle WeldZilla to the rescue! So I took my old case and started doing a little Sprucing up. so I can give her what is now all our spare parts into one nice little system.
First a little sanding and priming.

WeldZilla 26th April 2004 02:13

Now to shoot the inside of this old case. She loves blue!! So it is dork blue inside.


WeldZilla 26th April 2004 02:15

More painting
I thought I would contrast that with some very light blue on the outside!


WeldZilla 26th April 2004 02:16

easy job
this type of project goes fast

WeldZilla 26th April 2004 02:17

I think she is going to love it!

Sidney 26th April 2004 03:23

Do I see caster wheels this time? Hmmm.....

Okay, DAd.

jakkerd 26th April 2004 17:44

cool uncle\'s rule
and so do your projects

WeldZilla 27th April 2004 00:52

Thanks, I know she will love it as much as I love doing it. You see I admit it, "I am a mod addict". I don\'t need help!! I just need more to mod. " Why put off til tommorrow what you can mod today!!


WeldZilla 27th April 2004 05:17

Still going
Today I painted the PSU and I took some generic black fans and painted them the same color as the outside of the case to contrast with the dark blue of inside. I did the 2 bottom fans and the blow-hole fan this way.


WeldZilla 27th April 2004 05:20

I went ahead and installed the mobo tonight also. It\'s an Abit VL-6. The processor is a P-3 866


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