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Massman 16th March 2011 07:23

Meeting the Shrimps (pics and vids)
On Saturday 12th March 2011, a bunch of amateur overclockers gathered to share their biggest passion. This team of Belgian (and one Dutch) overclockers are called the 'Madshrimps'.

This weekend, the Madshrimps were mainly focussing on the Sandy Bridge CPUs provided by the local shop Tones as well as a bunch of old-school graphics cards to attack the rankings at HWBOT. We succeeded.

The video is a first attempt at showing how Belgian (and one Dutch) overclockers meet and waste liquid nitrogen. Many more will follow ...


- Gamer
- Leeghoofd
- Massman
- Oldscarface
- Pt1t


Leeghoofd's house


Too much to name, also too much providers to thank separately. One I'd like to thank explicitly, though: TONES!



(first time ever I try to edit a movie - lmk if it's ok :p )

Think there are some more videos ... I'll check the laptop.


So ... much ... damn ... results ...

The guys will post their results here as well. I still have lots left on the HDD, so will update later.

Teemto 16th March 2011 10:53

Why was I not made aware of this? ;-)
Couldn't have made it though, was still suffering from lack of sleep from flight back.

So did we get enough points for position 17?

Massman 16th March 2011 14:40

Yeah, I still have some scores on the HDD. N

leeghoofd 16th March 2011 21:01

we weren't even 10% aware you were back in belgium P...

Hope you got one of them (+) 5500 CPU's now

Nice videos MM, well done

Why did you leave out the aussie kanguroeeeeeeeeeee joke ?

Teemto 16th March 2011 21:21

No worries man. As I said I was too tired anyway - LN2 accident's would have happend - from the flight as I can't sleep on a plane (not enough space).

No 5500 yet. I gave them the 3 codes of the ones I was interested in and they were going to look at it tomorrow if they could find them. Apparently they had a lot of CPU's.

It was also crowded at the store so I guess they didn't have time or maybe didn't want to show preferential treatment in front of the other customers.

So no CPU yet and to top it off my wife's car battery died on the Tones parkinglot.:no:

Teemto 17th March 2011 20:05

Bummer, the three 5,5+ chips were already gone. They only had some 5,3-5,4's left. As it's not that much of an improvement over what I have, I'll wait for the next batch or the FX-8130P |D

blind_ripper 20th March 2011 11:33

looked like fun, hope u guys had a great time ;).

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