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Kiven 25th January 2004 20:09

Maybe this is a very stupid question , newbie's question
Hello ,

Maybe this is a very stupid question .

Is the water used in the water cooling system are normal water ? or it has been added with something else ( chemical ) ? or it's liquid ... ?


TeuS 25th January 2004 20:22

it's usually distilled water with an additive (WaterWatter, antifreeze, ...) to prevent corrosion and alges

Liquid3D 1st February 2004 18:11

The only stupid question is the unasked question. I've ran my system without distilled water, however; it's recommended because of the absence of electrolytes. If the water were to spill, or leak the distilling process would have removed those conductive elements, preventing a short-circuit.

Here's what happened to a system over at Dan's Data. See if you can figure out why he basically turned his water-block into a battery;

jmke 2nd February 2004 07:53

good info there Liquid3D, thanks for the link!

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