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Kio 8th November 2009 16:48

Max FSB on P45
Hello all
Need your advices for a max FSB
i try to do something good with my Maximus II Formula
605Mhz Fsb reached but I want more :-p
I put 1.47v on the NB & FSB termination
but I can't do more
Do you have some "tricks" for me ? :drink:
some people talk about CPU GTL for having a max FSB
or leaving the Spread Spectrums on AUTO mode ....
I try many things , many tensions ...

Thanks for reading

leeghoofd 8th November 2009 17:10

Phase or ln2 cooling on the cpu, watercooling ya NB, running single channel ram, disabling one core, runiing PCI GPU,... loads of ways to show off FSB... there's no golden rule for settings as each cpu/mobo/ram combo is different

Sadly enough the mobo you own ain't that brilliant for extreme FSB, far too many gimmicks on it...

Kio 8th November 2009 17:23

Some people do some good FSB on that Motherboard
I find in a German post some 700 mhz , but most of the infos I'll find on the Web
talk about 650 mhz ... I'ts my second Maximus , the first one block me @ 581 with a E8500 and a E8600 under cascade , these one is better but I really think I haven't the rigth experience and Knowledge for doing that with the right way
You said deactivate one Core on the Cpu , the Cpu-z Valid still ok ?
Can I deactivate it on Windows ?
Have a single stage for the cpu ... -40c@evapo with 1.8v
but never try to put some WC on the chipset ...

Thank you for these advices :drink:
must find a PCI graphic card and try it again

Edit : I can't change it now ... Why do I not buy a Biostar :(

leeghoofd 8th November 2009 17:28

well do you own rams that can 1300 mhz and more ? Can that CPU do mor than 650FSB ? I would disable the cpu cores from the bios ( if possible) use high PL, relax everything

Did you see any pics of that german board itself ? LN2 maybe on chip too...and maybe voltmods...

I find your quest interesting but there's no way you can do anything with that FSB over 650...

Kio 8th November 2009 18:08

Have some Geil PC8500 , 640Mhz surely , I just wan't to do the maximum possible with my hardware :)
for now I have 5751Mhz with my E8500 with 605Mhz FSB
but I feel it's possible to do more (I do some clocking until one year only)
but still thinking i do it the wrong way

Making better than 8 sec for the Pi1M can makes me feel happy :rolleyes:

I didn't look the way this peaple do 700Mhz but probably with something cold on the chipset

Edit : sorry for my Bad English

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