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Massman 27th April 2008 13:30

Massman's MSI Overclocking Contest Submission
Additions will come later ... :-)

jmke 27th April 2008 13:32


Gamer 27th April 2008 18:52

Nothing to see here, move on....

jmke 27th April 2008 21:52

yet ;)

Massman 2nd May 2008 09:24

I have some experience using LNē and other extreme sorts of cooling, as you all might know. These are the extreme overclock sessions I already took part in:
  • LN2 - Nvidia Geforce 9600GT
  • DICE - Nvidia Geforce 8400GS
  • LN2 - Nvidia Geforce 8600GT
  • LN2 - Nvidia Geforce 6200
  • LN2 - Intel C2D E8500
  • SS - Intel C2Q Q9300
  • LN2 - Intel C2D E6300
  • Cascade - Intel C2D E2160
  • DICE - Athlon64 X2 3800+
  • DICE - Athlon64 3000+ Venice
  • SS - AMD K6/2 500MHz (Single Stage harddisk mounting)
  • Helped in various LNē sessions with Blind and Gamer.
  • Took part in the 7300GT 3DMark challenge
Furthermore I recently broke a series of Belgian OC records, when benching the E8500, namely SuperPI 1M/32M and Pifast. My newest results should come online pretty soon (Q9300) in which my submission for the SuperPi 1M part is.

In following posts, I'll give more images of overclocking sessions.

Massman 2nd May 2008 09:27

Geforce 6200

Massman 2nd May 2008 09:31

OCTB at lanscape Overclocking party

Massman 2nd May 2008 09:33

E8500 OC session with BLIND

Massman 2nd May 2008 09:34

Geforce 8400gs - HWI oc contest

geoffrey 2nd May 2008 09:47

The Dry Ice cooled TTIC heatpipe cooler, did it work out well? Heatpipe coolers have a certain upper and under limit temperature wise, exceeding these limits will make the heatpipe go into error. In that case, thermal conductivity may decrease 20times, only the copper structure will conduct heat then.

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