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Massman 5th September 2008 21:32

MADshrimps back in action: power hit, strike 1.

Hey guys,

Due to a lack of time, me and Blind had to postpone many bench sessions. Yesterday and today, however, we decided to give two E8600 rigs a spin to give our team a nice boost on HWbot.

The final results are pretty crappy, though, as we had a lot of trouble with our motherboards. None of the two ddr2 boards wanted to do 600FSB stable and the first day, none of the windows installations wanted to run the X2 at two cores enabled. Later the first day and today, I got some X2 numbers after all.

And a 35k 3Dmark05 as well:

Many thanks to Blind for the nice day of overclocking :toast:

jmke 5th September 2008 22:17

for 3D06 quad core needed most likely?
don't forget Vantage ;)

Massman 5th September 2008 22:48

In both benches I'll be owned hard by the quad cores :(. I'm in desperate need of a decent motherboard, by the way. My Dfi P35 had real troubles to boot today and the maximus formula didn't do over 570FSB. Yesterday I tested Blind's memory kit at 630 5-5-5-15 ... no problem.

Maybe the Dfi P45 will bring more joy :-).

blind_ripper 6th September 2008 08:38

the new chipset cooling that me and massman did on my p5e3 premium is sick :D . with a probe at the base : load with 1.78vnb :p = 35C load :) .
il take some pics here ;) .

massman ure first 100k in 01 :p

piotke 6th September 2008 09:13

The tube ? Isn't 35C load high then ?

blind_ripper 6th September 2008 09:33


Originally Posted by piotke (Post 223323)
The tube ? Isn't 35C load high then ?

the tube had ln2 in it at all times ;) think temps where -35C chipset core on the dfi .
no no my p5e3 premium has a zalman VF700 cooler on the NB (beat that msi for freaking nb cooling) !!

Massman 6th September 2008 10:00

I got to admit, Piotr, that chipset cooling tube is pretty good :-). Do you still have some K-type probes lying around? If yes, please put one in the bottom of the container for easy readout.

@ Blind: Hehe zalman gpu cooling FTW!

blind_ripper 6th September 2008 20:24

u know it :D .
hope to have a quad soon from maximus ;) , then will bench vantage john.
btw when will hwbot award points for it ?

Chiller 14th September 2008 23:50

i have on hwbot some nice result made with my skulltrail on air, but it is time get skulltrail on ice.

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