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jmke 11th March 2009 20:39

[MAD] Shirts
Time to order us some nice Polos with Madshrimps logo don't you think? :)
any ideas where to order? design ideas?

nigel 13th March 2009 11:45

Depends, do you have certain preferences for the design ore not?

jmke 13th March 2009 12:33

looking interesting, thanks!

blind_ripper 13th March 2009 13:09

POLO :D, thats something that works for me :D.

nigel 13th March 2009 15:02

no problem jmke ;)
and if I am bored i shall upload a possible design. (its an idea but writting an idea doesnt look as good :D )
But thats for when i am bored xD

jmke 13th March 2009 15:59


Being MAD Doesn't Hertz You!


Top right , small MADSHRIMPS

geoffrey 13th March 2009 18:41

I vote for Polo

jmke 13th March 2009 18:42

Polo it is, will call them next week to discuss:)

piotke 13th March 2009 19:07

I'd like shirts( hemden) ... :(

jmke 13th March 2009 19:59

polos are between T-shirts and Shirts, middle ground ;)

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