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La Brunette 3rd July 2008 19:27

Looking for a wc computershop in BE with installation services capability
Hi all,

Does anyone of you know a computer shop in BE that can install WC solution with a "hig quality" service (at computer shop or onsite at home) ? I'm located in BE (near Brussel) and definitivelly want a WC solution for my future PC config (I hope ordering the config before mid september '08). I have searched on the web for some IT computer shop in BE that I have to confess that It is not a really a piece of cake (unless I'm searching everywhere but to the right places).

Does anyone of you have any reference/adress ? location in BE doesn't matter.
My WC solution should be a custom kit (combination of different brand names).

Ps: very nice forum btw

La Brunette

jmke 3rd July 2008 19:35

welcome to the forums :hello:

best bet would be to contact specialized shops like which stock a nice collection of goodies and might be able to do the install for you. But I have no experience with this.

What's the main reason you want Water Cooling for your next rig?

La Brunette 3rd July 2008 20:06

mostly to ensure I can oc my config (cpu would be a E8500).
I would like to oc'it around 4,5ghz with security (avoiding heating).
also wc my video card (once a good gpu complete kit will be available).

wc nb and sb could be a possible id but I think first to wc & oc cpu and gpu.

Video card should ATI 4570 (with some extension possibility for crossfire) or 4870. As the price for the 4570, and I need "some" good perf for my games...

and of course, noice reduction is also a requirement....

without to mention that WC looks nicer than a huge cpu air fan :D

jmke 3rd July 2008 20:09

do you mean HD4850 ?

for the price/installation air cooling can't be beat. A nice big tower cooler on the CPU will allow you to overclock it without overheating & running quiet. Same goes for VGA cooling. NB cooling with a fancy motherboard is all heat pipe and only requires a large fan pointed at it when OCing...

I'm afraid my advice ain't much good when it comes down to Water Cooling ;)

La Brunette 3rd July 2008 20:20

I know air cooling on a 45 nm cpu is difficult to beat ...
But I would like to avoid to have a new BE airport in my appartment ...

I don't think that an oc'ed system (vga, cpu and ram) with air cooling will really be quieter than a wc system ...

I've checked on the site you proposed and I'll contact them to get their fdbck about my request ...

Many thanks for your fast fdbck ... I'll post a quick note in case they should be able to do it ... as it's good to know that a computer shop in BE can install a wc solution ...

La Brunette :cool:

La Brunette 3rd July 2008 20:20

and yes, I meant HD4850


jmke 3rd July 2008 20:37

I can build you a quiet 45nm based system without issue; 120mm fans at <1000rpm make as much noise as the fans on the radiator for water cooling ;)

aaaaanyway keep us posted on the WC progress , would like to know too if you find other retails who can get the job done

La Brunette 8th July 2008 17:49

Hi Jmke,
Got confirmation from Bytes@work that they sell only the WC product. Installation isn't possible.

So, I'll continue my research and will keep you posted ...

La Brunette

piotke 8th July 2008 17:53

If you need help with cooling installation, I can help you out for a small price :). I'm from Vilvoorde. Flemish side from bxl ;)

La Brunette 8th July 2008 19:13

Hi Piotke,

yes, I would defintivelly need someone to install the kit...
I'm really not a handy guy :-/

Could we discuss this through MP ?

Thanks a mill :-)

La Brunette.

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