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Gamer 31st October 2004 07:00

The little CPU that could....
got me another Northwood, D1 30 caps.

if I had LNē, that would be fun :D
that betabios is just great, couldn't go past 1.70 volt with .16 version, now even 1.95 is possible :grin:

Calantak, here I come ;)

The Senile Doctor 31st October 2004 07:55

dual setup 6800 ultra sli here I come :)

Gamer 31st October 2004 08:05

thought your recent setup would last till june next year ? :D

that SLI setup looks great !!

The Senile Doctor 31st October 2004 08:14

dual sli will be for january (availability then) however ati will by then probably give us a hint on their equivalent multigpu :)
so that's another year :)

jmke 31st October 2004 12:23

5Ghz P4 article coming? :)

Gamer 31st October 2004 12:30

hehe, nope :)

need Liquid nitrogen for that I guess.
mobo can't take it, over 300 fsb, it gets slow as hell.

jmke 31st October 2004 12:45

Is that 4.6Ghz stable?

Gamer 31st October 2004 13:22

nope, on 4500 mhz I can only benchmark for a short time.

4400 is stable (gaming,..) but needs high voltage (+1.75) and don't want to break it because I don't think I'll find another diamant like this one :)

The Senile Doctor 31st October 2004 13:57

unbelievable cpu... total stability at 4400.
just a pity it's a pentium ;)

kristos 1st November 2004 20:51

a diamond indeed :love:

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