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sophron 30th March 2004 20:37

liquid cooling with nitrogen???
hi folks,lately something came up my mind; maybe it'd done before but i havent heard.. Anyway, when you are using liquid cooling you use water eh? You cool it in radiator before it returns on cpu(or other components). What if you fill the container with liquid nitrogen??? The pump will circulate nitro and that'll make cpu freeze!! I assume that there can be a vaporation problem(nitro can vaporate huh?) but you can cover the container and seal it.. Or another possible drawback can be humidity in the case( there can be ice crystals on hoses(tubes) from which the nitro passes). What do you think????

Tarantula 30th March 2004 20:40

not so simple so it seems :p

edit: and and so on

piotke 30th March 2004 20:45

no pump can handle luiquids at around -190 C.

Impossible. (except for very professional & expensive pupmps maybe)

sophron 30th March 2004 20:52

I know both 2 experiments at given links. Additionally recently I found a experiment which some folks cool water of WC with nitro(they cool the wter wwith nitro,water is antifreezed). Anyway I mean pumping the nitro into the tubes and piotke answered that. But why not they handle??

Tarantula 30th March 2004 21:14

there would also be too much pressure, so i've read on a forum when i did a search in google, an engineer wanted to emerge a pc in nitrogen, in a tank or so, but he said it would be extremely dangerous because, the slightest rupture due to the high pressure could cause an explosion by which his own an two houses nearby could blow up, some power :mad:

sophron 30th March 2004 21:18

i dont understand,how do nitrogen make pressure? Once I red a article that one emerge a pc under a liquid which is cool as nitrogen and does not conduct electricity. So the pc worked under a liquid!!!

Tarantula 30th March 2004 21:20 the link

The Senile Doctor 31st March 2004 11:38

which hoses would you use?

sophron 31st March 2004 21:37

I dont know much abt hoses and WCing. I just assumed :))

kristos 3rd April 2004 00:26

I think to keep things reallistic the closest thing to what you are asking about is waterchilling.

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