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Massman 30th May 2009 15:45

Let's all take a moment to congratulate Leeghoofd
Team's back on place 18, which is where we normally stand. In a quest to find the culprit who made us go up again, I found this:

Now ... that's some impressing benching :love:

Well done, Albrecht :ws:

jmke 30th May 2009 16:14

Thanks Albrecht :ws:
I think he's close to the HWboints cap though,

Hardware Points: 235.8
65 points to go with oldie hardware:)

wutske 30th May 2009 16:20

all hail leeghoofd :ws:

als 'k u ooit tegenkom trakteer 'k u op een pint of twee :-p

Gamer 30th May 2009 18:54

Indeed, thanks to Abrecht !!!

leeghoofd 30th May 2009 20:25

It's due to your madness I'm benching every single piece of hardware I get in here. 478 is fun but I think Geofrey can do more madness if he had the number of CPU's I got here ( 8 pieces). I just hope to get that Abit board so I can do some more damage (mainly Pcmark , CPU-Z and Pi runs) than with the Anus board. Next up is the AGP attack with the Asrock ( tuned by Massman )

But I need to get the testing done first on the Gene II... plus benching is over and done with for the next two weeks... it's work work work now...

blind_ripper 30th May 2009 20:29

nice work albrecht ;), ge zijt altijd welkom om iets onder de cascade te ploffen ze ;).

leeghoofd 31st May 2009 08:15

Zonder de Massman rams was dit allemaal nie mogelijk geweest, bedankt jongeman. Tot op de volgende consultatie :p

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