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jmke 4th September 2007 09:36

Joining OCTB
Joining OCTB is possible if our OCTB Team Moderators agree, Jort, Massman, Blind-Ripper.

You can join the OCTB Team by going to your "User CP" and Click on "Group Membership"

There you can request to join the OCTB Team.

jmke 7th May 2008 11:32

Joining OCTB team allows you to use one image in your signature! :D

geoffrey 7th May 2008 17:24

Great way to get them signed up :D

jmke 8th May 2008 00:00

anybody here with PS skills?

geoffrey 8th May 2008 16:32

previous one, the one with the ICE wasn't that bad. Where did it go?

jmke 8th May 2008 16:33

never touched it:)

geoffrey 8th May 2008 16:58

1 Attachment(s)
This one:

Djeez, allready uploaded 78% of the total allowed 10MB/user. :s

jmke 8th May 2008 17:02

I know what you mean, but I have not touched it, don't know where it went

jmke 8th May 2008 17:04

weird cause you go no limit... fixed;)

Gamer 8th May 2008 18:28

Hot :)

Geoffrey, update your sig please.

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