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windwithme 16th October 2007 03:54

Intel Chipset New Force - FOXCONN MARS – The Warrior God
FOXCONN, the well known brand, is always being the No. 1 in OEM motherboard business.
Since early this year, FOXCONN is trying to enter own brand business. Recently, you can see FOXCONN VGA card in the market.
Their price is always very aggressive and it is good for end users.

Of course, FOXCONN won’t be satisfied with one territory.
After VGA card, they also start to make own brand motherboard. Moreover,
they are focus on OCers and Gamers. It will challenge Asus, Gigabyte and MSI seriously.

The first model of FOXCONN MB is using Intel latest chipset – P35. They also have X38 version in the future.
They named this series MARS as Warrior God.

The package is in red and the size is quite big

Open the cover, you can see the key specification

Accessory 1
You can see plenty cables.
There are 2 vertical SATA cables as well.

Accessory 2
Manual, Installation Guide, I/O panel, Driver CD/Floppy, Fan for North Bridge, Stickers and one Necklace.

FOXCONN MARS Motherboard

Left Down Corner
2X PCI-E( Support ATO CROSSFIRE Technology, 16X+4X)
Audio Chip is Realtek ALC888,7.1 channels
LAN Chip is Realtek RTL8117

Right Down Corner
South Bridge is ICH9R
SATAII X6 with RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10

Right Up Corner
1X IDE/1X Floppy
4X DIMM DDRII, supports 667/800/1066

Left Up Corner
6 phase PWM and use cooper pipe as the heatsink

windwithme 16th October 2007 03:56

Plenty IO
IEEE1394.USB 2.0X6.eSATA

Cooper Heat Pipe
North Bridge

South Bridge


Simple design, easy to install, good quality and look

Additional FAN
Rpm is not high, very quiet

Boot Screen


OC Menu

windwithme 16th October 2007 03:57

CPU Feature

Memory parameters

Voltage Menu

CPU Voltage 1st layer

CPU Voltage 2nd layer

DDRII Voltage

Special OC features

PC Health Status

CPU:INTEL Core 2 Duo E6850
DRAM:CORSAIR Dominator TWIN2X2048-8888C4D
VGA:BIOSTAR VR8603TS21 GeForce 8600GTS
HD:Seagate 7200.10 320G
POWER:Corsair HX620W Modular Power Supply
Cooler:Thermaltake V1

windwithme 16th October 2007 04:00

FOXCONN exclusive OS software
Voltage, Temperature and FAN rpm

Advanced Setup

Online upgrade software

At the moment, all P35 boards are good at CPU overclocking
Let’s start with CPU Frequency
550 FSB SP2004

555 FSB Super PI 32M

MARS is good at FSB
However, key factor for P35 boards is DRAM overclockability
DDRII Overclockability
500/1200 CL5 5-5-18 2.340V
Dual Super PI 32M

500/1200 CL4 4-4-9 2.459V
Dual Super PI 32M

500/1200, only DFI and ASUS P35 can reach
FOXCONN MARS also reach this quota
Higher up the DDRII clock
1259 CL5 5-5-18 2.524V
Dual Super PI 32M

Memory Bandwidth

windwithme 16th October 2007 04:01

DDRII 1200 CL4 4-4-9
Super PI 32M

Dual Super PI 32M

Memory Bandwidth

Super PI and Memory bandwidth are both good
That’s you can see MARS is good at OC and tighten all parameters.
8600GTS 675/2000


Quad Core CPU
DDRII 1200 CL4 4-4-9
四Super PI 32M

1.Well Package, Plenty Accessories, and unified Boot Screen, Package Desgin and Software interface.
2.Simple COOL-PIPE design and also with quiet FAN
3.100% solid capacitors and Power/Reset/Clear CMOS buttos
4.6 phase PWM, Dual PCIE support CrossFire.1394 and eSATA
5.Wide range in BIOS FSB and Voltage. Easy to OC.
6.CPU FSB is high standard and DRAM OC is the top level.
1.Later than the others several months
2.Providing lower CPU Voltage
3.Better to use Japanese Capacitors
FOXCONN MARS P35 is selling at around 190USD.
This is the first own brand MB for FOXCONN
However, you can see the high standard in package, components, spec. and performance.
Hope FOXCONN challenge the others more and bring more benefits to end users.

Massman 16th October 2007 19:04

MMouse has told me good things about this board. Definitly a good first entry :D

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