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JoniNItro 9th April 2004 00:32

I did it, custom H20 setup
Nothing is ever finished so I know I still have some work to do, but this will give everyone some insight as to how my rig is coming.

My rig:
D Tek whitwater cpu block
D Tek VGA block
1/2 fittings w/ braided hose(a little stiff)
Via Aqua pump
Custom 90 Chevy Caprice HC w/hand made shroud and two 120mm fans
Res made from 3" PVC and some end caps.

Ready for lots of pics.......I hope so!

Original bland case

HC with resoldered barbs just before paint

With the fans

The complete rig

HC complete and installed

External housing

Close up of the blocks

I have a side panel in the works but I am not done, please exuse the wires as I am going to finish everthing real soon. I will keep yall updated

Gamer 9th April 2004 04:53

temp, overclocks ?

(first 2 pics don't work)

JoniNItro 9th April 2004 05:05

Look in sig

Right click and show picture will bring it up. Pic host sucks, anyone want to suggest new pic host.


Sidney 9th April 2004 06:19

Very good work. What's the dimension on the Chevy Caprice HC? Can't wait to see how to arrange to close the side panel.

Man, time to kick that Vcore up and see how far you can go.

jmke 9th April 2004 08:10

cool setup, 26C max temp under load? That's incredible.

Scyver 9th April 2004 10:02


Originally posted by jmke
cool setup, 26C max temp under load? That's incredible.
exactly keep on cooling that way and you'll break some records :mad:

Nice rig by the way

JoniNItro 10th April 2004 16:12

Thanks for the comments guys.

Lazyman it is 11x6.5 in.

Maybe you guys can help me out with my configuration, I am having trouble getting this thing to run stable over 3.3ghz
It will boot and run but if I get into a game or anything it will last about 10min. My temps are still good.....Here are my settings

It runs fine at this but after this it starts becoming unstable

Sidney 10th April 2004 16:41

Each processor is different. Sometimes you hear people bragging about a particular OCing, in fact it is luck.

I had a 2.4C that would not go over 3.06 no matter what I did. I sold it for the same price I paid and got another one ..... same set up and it goes over 3.3Ghz.

My 2.6C is running at 255FSB with 1.675 Volt, nothing will make it go any higher.

Try lower the FSB to 250 and see it the system is stable. I always use Prime95 for CPU test. Others may tell you to run 3DMark which I reserve for vcard test.

THE PATRIOT 21st April 2004 22:23

Love that ghetto touch:D

How is your WW performing?

Very nice rig, BTW

Best, Mario

JoniNItro 22nd April 2004 23:53

Hey guys here is an update. The rig is performing great. I read in a different forums about locking AGP setting and disableing another setting. The granted me a 3.41 stable OC and during my test I got a max load of 29C. I am very happy and I wish I could post pics but I am away from my PC. TDY in california right now. Thought you guys would like to know.

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