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leeghoofd 24th November 2009 21:05

Hwbt nations cup, the fraude ?
Have a look at the brazilians Stage 3 entry (take a look at the windows desktop and the way the pictures are taken, there's a relation there :p ), 2 pretty close scores, "maybe" done on the same hardware or did they just use the same HD ? Husband and wife probably hehehe

Same could count for the french scores (John spotted the same thing as me), one guy posted earlier with a 945 and now he posts with a 965 a few mhz less then the other score :p Plus both the french results are very very crap in efficiency. Coincidence ? you tell me....

So how do we avoid such a thing in the near future ? everyone posts a picture of his CPU ( clear view of the batch ) and sr nr of the GPU ?

jmke 24th November 2009 21:14

leeghoofd 24th November 2009 21:16

That's what I thought , one of the reasons I mentioned husband and wife

Now we have to find out for the french connection :)

leeghoofd 25th November 2009 13:07

one french score deleted ?

jmke 25th November 2009 13:27


Hello Guys,

Can you provide proof that you used two different Phenom II X4 965 BE CPUs for your two submissions? It's clear you guys used the same cooling unit, which is perfectly by the rules, different motherboards
but the CPU clocks and results are very similar;

Kind regards,

John M


I reckon the most easy way to do so would be to have a picture with both cpu's and a piece of paper with your names on it?



Hi john,

I have a Phenom II 965 BE with asus crosshair just like oxyde62.

My plateforme of bench :

but good, I think that I will transfer my scores and will stop poster for the hwbot country cup.
I do not have time to lose has to make me show collusion.
Bertrand Chochois

last reply from /me



so you find it unreasonable that we ask questions when two people who shared hardware posts 2 scores with same CPU speed and very close results at the same time for a competition? ....

Kind regards,

John M

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