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Massman 2nd June 2010 12:01

HWBOT OC competitions in June
Hello overclocking brothers and sisters,

I'm posting this thread because I want to inform you about the competitions running on HWBOT during June. It must be pretty much the busiest month since the beginning back in '05. Here's a summation:

HWBOT OC Challenge June 2010

As every month, we're holding a low-end easy-to-join competition just to get our minds off from the normal rankings. This month, things get a little different than the previous editions. The used benchmark is now the same across all stages, unlike the May challenge, but we have different limitations for the three stages. The benchmark of this month will be MaxxMem, this combined with any AMD processor. We've split up the benchmark into three parts: DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3. Have fun!


You've Got The Xtreme Power!

The second competition is a high-end competition organized by MSI HQ. Using an XPower mainboard combined with an i7 980X (yeah, high-end!) you can win up to $3000 cash and, more importantly, a ticket to the MOA WW final in Taipei later this year. You'll definitely need liquid nitrogen for this competition, though


MSI Fun! OC Festival

Obviously not everyone has an XPower board at home, let alone a $1000 CPU in the form of the i7 980X, so MSI set up a mainstream-minder competition as well. Using any MSI H55/H57/P55 mainboard the objective is to reach the highest BCLK frequency as possible. Top-3 will be receiving an XPower board at home!


GOOC 2010 Serbia Online Qualifiers

As well as MSI, GIGABYTE is also running a new live overclocking competition, GOOC 2010. For overclockers from Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia or Croatia the official (and only) online qualification tournament is held at HWBOT. Only 1 person will qualify for the regional event in Malaga.


Pentium G6950 Contest

The last competition held through June is the Pentium G6950 contest organized by GIGABYTE. The rules are simple: any GIGABYTE LGA1156 mainboard combined with a Pentium G6950 can be used to submit a score in the weekly(!) benchmark. After four weeks and four benchmarks, the overall winner will be receiving a Pentium upgrade path in the form of an Intel i7 930 and GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD7 mainboard


I wish you all the luck!

jmke 2nd June 2010 13:11

insane :)

leeghoofd 3rd June 2010 17:34

it's a bit too tight to arrange any hardware, they better had it start in the 2nd week... or announced the competition a few weeks beforehand (especially the G6950 contest)...

Gamer 3rd June 2010 20:50

We already have a Vantage score, only PI32M still missing.
Can I use your Big Bang again Massman ? :)

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