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Massman 21st December 2010 12:56

HWBOT Country Cup 2010, who's in?


The HWBOT Country Cup is back! After waiting more than a year for the second edition of our very successful Country Cup 2009, a new challenge has arrived. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the HWBOT Country Cup competition series is, unlike most of the other competitions held throughout the year, all about the national pride. When you clock, you clock for your country. After all, the ranking is not based on a single submission but on the top-3 average submissions per country. In addition to last year’s rules, the top-3 must use different (!) hardware.

This year’s edition is a little less stressing than last year. Instead of holding one stage per week, we are launching one stage per three days and let them run for 15/16 days. This means the last stage starts when first stage ends. In spirit of the Country Cup we are keeping the stage limitations a secret until the day before the start of the competition. Note that the stage names already contain a hint of the benchmark and hardware limitations, which can come in handy for making sure you have all the right gear. Know, however, that each stage has very specific limitations …

UPDATE - Hardware prizes for winners!

GIGABYTE is providing:


ADATA is providing:

- 3x ADATA XPG Gaming Series v2.0 2133G Dual Channel Kit
- 2x ADATA XPG Gaming Series v2.0 2000G Dual Channel Kit
- 1x ADATA 850W HM Series Power!

MSI is providing:

- MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr II
- MSI R6950 Twin Frozr II
- MSI N460GTX Hawk
- MSI R6870 Twin Frozr II
- MSI N450GTS Cyclone
- MSI R5770 Hawk
More info:

Massman 21st December 2010 14:35

!! Important note !!

Competition scheme adjusted slightly; each stage lasts 15/16 days - last stage starts when first stage ends.

Teemto 21st December 2010 14:47

Bij stages (1), 5, en 6 kan ik wel helpen.

Teemto 25th December 2010 15:03

First 10 points for Belgium :woot:

Let's see how long that first position will last ;-)

leeghoofd 25th December 2010 18:58

dus 1 videokaart , da mag dus ook een 5 zijn of dergelijke ? 1 videokaart doch 2 GPU's ? 5970 then weapon of choice...

Teemto 25th December 2010 19:29

Hmm, if I compare Massman's score with mine, I must have a serious driver issue as I'm scoring about 600 points less with a much higher CPU clock.

leeghoofd 25th December 2010 20:29

Could be the AMD GPU Pascal Also at a certain point the CPU is worth nothing... if this was with a lower specced card it wouldn't even matter at all... but I think Nvidia is king here GTX 580 will rule

With the GTX 480 at 825/2000 I get 1214 points with 965 at 4Ghz...(171.41 drivers) , newer drivers give me a big boost to 1350 easily...

leeghoofd 25th December 2010 22:10

Updated the score with a 1415 run... need more volts on the GPU...

Teemto 25th December 2010 22:47

GTX480 can be better but still 5870 vs GTX480 can't give that much difference.
I did my bench with the latest Catalyst with the new CC (which sucks btw).
I'll try with an earlier driver tomorrow.
I once did a run with lower GPU speeds and lower CPU speed and 777 timings instead of 696 and that even got 860 as score so something is off. :rolleyes:

But nice score with your system Albrecht.

leeghoofd 25th December 2010 23:15

Well let's hope you can give the average score a nice boost... it will be an impossible fight against 580 and 5970 cards...

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